Jumper 2 Confirmed | Jumper Sequel will be a TV series for YouTube RED

The movie Jumper 2 (sequel) is now officially confirmed!

jumper 2 sequel

The sci-fi movie lead actor Doug Liman will have its sequel on TV screen titled “Impulse” but will feature a female main character instead of a male lead actor in the first movie.

The sequel will be created for YouTube Red – YouTube’s very own paid streaming subscription service, accessible in the US, Australia, México, and New Zealand. On top of offering ad-free streaming of all videos, YouTube Red is also teaming up with major companies and YouTube personalities to create an original video. Jumper 2 (sequel) will be relying on the 3rd book of the series, Impulse, about David and Millie’s daughter, named Cent, who acquired her father’s power to “jump.”

Liman said in a press release:

“Steven Gould’s sequel novel to Jumper, Impulse, fully realizes the dynamic potential of this amazing franchise and I’m excited to have the large canvas of YouTube to bring it to life.”

Don’t anticipate other actors to return like Samuel L. Jackson. However, according to reports, it is great to know that Liman will return for the pilot episode. Then again, it will be exciting to revisit a world with Jumpers and find out if the Paladins continue to be out there, searching for more Jumpers to kill and eliminate. We really hope it turns out nicely.

Impulse looks interesting. Unfortunately, we don’t have a trailer or a main cast list for the TV show. Production is scheduled to begin before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates!