More Photos of Paolo Ballesteros as ‘Angelina Jolie’ at Tokyo Film Festival

More Photos of Paolo Ballesteros as ‘Angelina Jolie’

Paolo Ballesteros Angelina Jolie
on point!
Jolie or Paolo?

Angelina Jolie makeup transformation by Paolo Ballesteros

We’re confident that the Japanese crowd believed that a Hollywood celebrity was in their presence. He almost had us tricked.

Paolo Ballesteros, who seems to be famous for his amazing makeup techniques and skills, turned into Hollywood star Angelina Jolie as he stepped the red carpet at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival.

The 33-year-old actor takes on the lead character in the Jun Lana-helmed festival entry Die Beautiful, a dramedy portraying a trans woman who wishes to “be presented as a different celebrity on every nights her wake.”

The actual Tokyo Film Festival is ongoing and goes until Nov 3.


img source: instagram