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power cubeHere is the most complex version of the PowerCube. It features a 3ft. extension cord fitted to it, the item can be attached to get a power electric outlet within easy reach. To get this done, a stick-on dock is integrated. The perfect spot is your desktop computer: there is no more need to duck below your workplace to connect your laptop or computer! In addition to the extension cord, another Dual USB port is provided, so that your cellular devices could be recharged out of your desktop.

image source : wheninmanila
image source : wheninmanila

1.Docking system

At your workplace, power outlets are more or less by no means within easy reach. Usually you’ll need to duck below your work desk to access an available wall plug. PowerCube -Extended- versions include a unique docking system, making it possible to mount the PowerCube on your table or beneath it in order to charge your laptop and smartphone directly from your desktop.

2.Removable tape

The docking station that is included with PowerCube -Extended- versions can be attached with the two bits of tape included. Any time you want to take it off, just tear the tabs. They properly chosen the sticky tape to be as effective as possible, and yet leave no traces on the outside when taken out.


Inside the bedroom you may need to study an eBook, use your tablet computer, and/or have fun with your smartphone. However, their USB cables are usually quite short to reach your bed. By putting a PowerCube -Extended USB- alongside your bed, you can actually charge your gadgets via its high-powered dual USB ports (2.1A) that enable charging two devices at the same time. The charging time will be faster than charging via a USB port on your notebook. Congratulations . you don’t have to bother about not having enough battery, as power is accessible right at your bedside.

4.No blockage

PowerCube -Originals- & PowerCube -Extendeds- helps prevent outlet congestion, maintaining tasks simple and productive.

5.Cable management

If you prefer to set up their power cords snugly, the PowerCube -Extended- versions include a CableFix that allows aligning the cables.


What separates the PowerCube from other extension cords?

What elevates the PowerCube is its flexibility: it can be installed at any place with the unique docking system. Moreover, the PowerCube’s unique design ensures that plugs cannot block each other. Ultimately, the PowerCube is a modular system: it can be adapted to your demands. The company developed a new kind of consumer experience for an existing product, turning it into user-friendly and much more convenient.

Exactly how many PowerCubes can be combined?

Theoretically, the PowerCube can be fully extended infinitely, as long as the gadgets you hook up do not draw a lot more than 16A combined. In the event you go beyond this limit, the fuse in your fuse box will instantly restrict the power. However, we advise you to connect no greater than two PowerCubes to one mounted PowerCube.

Is the PowerCube safe to use with a high energy consuming device, like e.g. a microwave?

The PowerCube is as safe just like any other power outlet. The PowerCube’s power cable is 3×1,5 mm2 thick. This added density enhances the safety of the system. In addition to the thick cable, the PowerCube is also fully grounded, and all electrical sockets are child-proof.

How long does it take to charge a device via the USB-output?

The PowerCube features a high-powered USB port: the actual charging period is going to be reasonably shorter than charging via a USB port on your pc.

What is the output of the USB charger?

The output of the USB ports in the PowerCube is 2.1A combined. There is a built-in chip which identifies the number of units are attached and sets the output based on this. In case only one unit is linked, it will be able to utilize the full 2.1A output. If two are attached, they share this overall output.

Detailed Features:

  • DTI BPS ICC Certified
  • Flat Plug
  • 250V
  • 2.1A Dual Port USB
  • Includes 1 Docking Plate
  • Provides 4 additional outlets and 2 USB ports
  • USB Charging will not interfere with use of outlets
  • Connect multiple Power Cubes together for increased functionality
  • Convenient power adapter with 4 outlets, 2 USB ports and Surge Protector

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