9 Times Ed Sheeran Made Us Fall In Love With His Music

Ed Sheeran, who recently announced his engagement via Instagram, is making us fall in love all over again!

If you don’t know yet, Sheeran is engaged to his long-term girlfriend and childhood friend, Cherry Seaborn. Guess what, the internet is heartbroken and in love at the same time!

9 Times Ed Sheeran Made Us Fall In Love With His Music

Ed’s songs are unlike the other mainstream songs because his tell beautiful stories of love that pierce through the soul. Listeners of all ages will be able to relate for sure.

As the news about this engagement is sinking in, allow us to remind you why we love Ed so much and why we can’t get enough of his music. Here is a list of the all-time favorites that will resonate with us even after we find the perfect person.

9. Castle On A Hill

Each line is reminiscent of good childhood memories that he can’t wait to visit. The song was made for Suffolk where Ed spent a lot if his time in, where he was younger.

8. All Of The Stars

All of the Stars made it as the OST for the movie The Fault In Our Stars, which didn’t have a very happy ending. It gives us the pain of loving someone we can’t have (because he’s on the other side of life). If you’ve read or watched TFIOS, you’ll get the feels.

The Fault In Our Stars
Source: TVMIX

7. Give Me Love

The song talks about the man’s hunger to find love but is pained but the reality that no love has come his way. Basically, he’s all of us.

6. Everything Has Changed

This song is Ed’s collaboration with bestie Taylor Swift and was released as Taylor’s track. His contribution and appearance on the music video add salt to the entire story. The song is about realizing that everything has changed after falling in love with someone new.

9 Times Ed Sheeran Made Us Fall In Love With His Music
Source: prince.org

5. Photograph

Photograph is a beautiful song which tells that love and memories are kept through photographs so that even when they’re separated, they can always look at the photographs and feel that love is stronger than distance.

4. Lego House

Lego House is a song about breakups and how he wants to “mend” her even after they went their separate ways.

3. The A-Team

The A-Team song is a powerful message Ed wanted to bring to the public, about a homeless girl who was used as a sex slave and got pregnant. She was abused, became homeless, and took drugs.

9 Times Ed Sheeran Made Us Fall In Love With His Music
Source: Youtube

2. Thinking Out Loud

A classic song which talks about everlasting love. It has hit so many records and is one of Sheeran’s best releases so far.

1. Perfect

This came out in his latest album and is one of the best wedding songs ever made. The song will make you fall in love even if you have nobody to fall in love with!


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