4 Places In Singapore You Can Take Your Friends To

Make the most out of your Singapore trip by visiting some places you might have never heard about. Aside from the usual tourist spots, Singapore has other amazing sites you can take your friends to for an enjoyable yet memorable experience in the Lion City.

4 Places In Singapore You Can Take Your Friends To
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  1. Universal Studios

Going to the Universal Studios is everyone’s dream. It is almost a default choice among tourists because of its incredible attractions, rides and even restaurants. U.S. has seven zones where you can pretend to be in Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. The entire place is impossible to be explored in a single day so you better save up for more days to make the most out of your adventure.

  1. Tag Team

If you and your friends want a physical group activity that you can enjoy together, then the Tag Team is a good choice. It was developed for team building activities such as Laser Tag and Archery Tag. They offer so much more so before you go, you can search for their phone number to inquire and save the date.

4 Places In Singapore You Can Take Your Friends To
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  1. Kartright Speedway

Another fun-filled activity is driving karts with your friends. Karts are available in single or 2-seaters which you and your friends can rent and drive in their own karting track. Kartright Speedway offers their services even to kids but with specific age and height requirements.

  1. Xcape Games

Are you looking for some thrill that you and your friends can take part of? If you like solving mysteries and playing detective, then Xcape Games may be a good alternative form of bonding for you. Enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles and answering riddles in order for you to find the exit. A lot of other tests are in store so you have to check it out!

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