5 Best Filipino Restaurants You Should Try When In Manila

Filipino food is as diverse as its thousands of islands. Dishes vary from region to region with influences from almost everywhere in the world as a result of the country’s deep history of colonization.

5 Best Filipino Restaurants You Should Try When In Manila
Image By Philihappy

Filipino food will always be there to bring comfort to our tummies. So, if you plan on visiting Manila, here are five favorite and best restaurants that will help you taste the best of the country’s cuisine in a comfortable environment for locals and tourists alike and can surely be considered some of the best Filipino restaurants that you need to try on to your next family date!

Sarsa Kitchen+Bar
Prefect for large groups, Sarsa has been built in a way that is appealing to today’s millennial generation. With their straight-to-the-point menu, clean plating, simple interiors and relaxing ambiance are something you don’t see every day.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

La Concina de Tita Moning’s menu was created by Suzette Montinola, who gathered her late grandmother’s timeless recipes and started serving them to close friends and members of the public. La Concina de Tita Moning has become a popular place to experience authentic Filipino cuisine.

This restaurant offers the best of both worlds – classics and twists. Classics are the traditional Filipino cuisine with a twist of modern presentation. Manam is the definitely a perfect place to visit that offers something for everyone.

Here the traditional flavors are masked behind creative presentations. Don’t forget to snap away at such Insta-worthy delish Filipino dishes. Mesa is a must-try of best Filipino restaurants when in Manila.

Abe Restaurant
Abe Restaurant serves traditional Filipino dishes with inspiration from Pampanga, a province north of the capital known for its love of food. For a traditional Filipino meal experience, Abe Restaurant is the best place to visit.