5 Places And Food To Eat When In Cebu

Cebu is most famous for two things; Sinulog and lechon. This means that parties and food give life to what we know as the Queen City of the South.As they say, if a food business doesn’t pass Cebu’s standards, it won’t flourish anywhere else.

The Philippines’ rich food culture is influenced by the Spanish, American, and Chinese because of centuries of being under their rulership, and of course, spices are being traded from the neighboring countries.

If you happen to visit the province, indulge in its beauty and get a taste what it is like to eat like a Cebuano!

5 Places And Food To Eat When In Cebu


Lechon is a big deal during parties in Cebu. What’s a party without it, right? If you’re not familiar what it is, lechon is a roasted pork smothered in Spanish-influenced sauce and dressed in rich and flavorful spices. It is cooked for hours over hot charcoal until its skin turns a little reddish-brown.

The dish is loved for its crispy and very tasty pork skin and ribs that explode with flavors. Just thinking about it is mouth watering already!

Dimsum Break

Dimsum Break is a popular restaurant for Cebuanos and tourists alike. Its bestsellers are steamed rice, which is available in original and spicy, shaomai, chicken feet, crab pincers and lumpia shanghai.

All items on their menu are budget-friendly and definitely worth a try. Dimsum is clearly influenced by our friends from China.

Casa Verde

The name Casa Verde says a lot about the Spanish influence but born out of hard work from Filipino hands. They serve tremendously huge burgers, good for 4-5 people, super tall smoothies, huge pork steaks and gigantic baby back ribs– which they are popular for. They also serve fish and chips, buffalo wings and sweet desserts. All items are priced reasonably.

Siomai Sa Tisa

Popular for being cheap and delicious, Siomai sa Tisa is a go-to dumpling place for those on a tight budget, but still want to eat good food. Located in Tisa, Labangon, the area has become known as the Siomai Capital of Cebu for having a cluster of stores serving similar dishes.

To give you an idea, a piece of siomai can be bought for only 7 pesos and an average person can eat at least 3 pcs. before declaring to be full. Siomai can be paired with hanging rice, popularly known as ‘puso’.


Cebu is also known for its beautiful beaches that are only 30 minutes away from the city. And because of this, seafood flourish in all major restaurants whether it’s near the ocean or in the city proper.

Sutukil is an abbreviation for Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilaw. Sugba means to grill, tuwa means tinola in tagalog or to cook in a hot, sour soup and kilaw means to eat raw or with vinegar. Customers can pick their desired food fresh from the aquarium and have it cooked however they want.