Real Life Couple’s School Fair ‘Wedding’ Certificate From 28 Years Ago, Found

Bringing back memories from our past romances bring butterflies in our stomachs, even after almost 3 decades. Check out this cute revelation from a couple who got ‘married even before they got married’, as quoted from Bianca Tañega, the couple’s daughter.

The younger Tañega posted on her social media what she found was a lovely story behind her parents’ romance. 28 years, ago, when the couple faced a fake altar and vowed to ‘love, honor, cherish and obey’ one another from that day on.

Little did they know that a couple of years after that ceremony from a school fair, they would be spending their lives together, for real.

The couple met in 1985, they were in Grade 7 at that time. Years later, their relationship became official. They got married unofficially in a high school fair in 1989.

But just like any ordinary couple, they broke up and spent three and a half years without each other. After they graduated from school and found careers in the corporate world, they met again and got back together.

“My dad was asking her to marry him every day!”, says Bianca.

Even after 22 years of marriage and 3 children, their love is evident in their everyday lives and they have their family to attest.

Marriage Certificate

Just recently, Bianca’s grandmother found a marriage certificate in their home which her dad had kept all these years!

Marriage Certificate
Source: Twitter (@biancatanega)

“Now, regarding the marriage certificate, my Lola (my dad’s mom) was actually the one who found it. At the marriage booth, they give a certificate to both the bride and the groom. As it turns out, my dad had kept his this whole time. My Lola had found it just recently as she was cleaning his room out in her house, and she gave it to my mom. As for my mom, she actually kept all of the letters my dad had given her since the very beginning.”

Awwe, how sweet is that?


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