6 Instagrammable South Korean Cafes in Seoul

South Korea is all about beauty– and it is evident in all corners of the country. Seoul, the capital of South Korea gives energy and life to the whole Korea. Aside from their pretty and handsome citizens and breathtaking landscapes, its youthful vibe in bright colors and picturesque cafes are all we need in our Instagram feed.

If you’re all for it, find out where to go once you land in Seoul.

Hoho Myoll

Hoho Myoll is popular among the locals for its unique hipster concept and beautiful interiors. They serve desserts and beverages that, aside from the vibe, keep their customers coming back.

Thanks Nature Cafe

As the name suggests, this cafe is a nature lover. They love nature and animals and have incorporated these elements in their cafe. Thanks Nature Cafe has live sheep that roam around, and guests can feed them. Aside from that, the design is pretty and very relaxing.

Stylenanda Pink Pool cafe

Those who love pink and all pastel colors in their Instagram feed would love coming to Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe in Myeongdong. They have set large, pink cushions on the ground surrounded by tall plants.

Hello Kitty Cafe

If you love pink so much, there’s no way you can get past this Hello Kitty Cafe found in Myeongdong. The interiors are designed to perfection. Their menu is filled with Kitty’s face. Every corner is worthy to be featured on your Instagram feed!

Banana Tree

Banana Tree’s strength does not rely on its interiors but on the food itself. Their desserts are uniquely presented as if they are plants on a pot. Regular folks probably wouldn’t like eating flowers and dirt but if you’re a foodie, you’ll dive right in! But first, selfie!

Ddo-Ong Cafe

Ddo-Ong Cafe serves nothing else but poop-inspired desserts and drinks. They serve coffee in a small toilet and pancakes in poop shape. In Korea, poop is a symbol of good fortune.