7 Things To Do When In Baguio Philippines

The extreme heat from the summer season is felt every day in the Philippines– even if it’s not summer at all. Rainy days are nothing but a 2-hour sky party. In the Philippines, going to the malls doing nothing is the way to go to prevent heat stroke while saving bills from aircon use.
If you’re up for a chilly vacation away from the big cities, going to Baguio, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is top 1 in the list. Aside from sleeping in the whole day, here are our must do’s that you should try too.

7 Things To Do When In Baguio Philippines

Visit Sagada and Mt. Pulag

When you’re in Benguet, side-tripping to the beautiful mountains where the sky meets the earth and the clouds are just within your reach, the long hours of land trip will be worth it. Sagada and Mt. Pulag is popular for its sea of clouds, crazy sunrises, and crazier sunsets. At midnight, no lights but from the moon and the stars will guide your way in the dark. It is a must try!

Baguio City Market

The market is the center for quick shoe repair and fresh meat, fruit and vegetable find. Their products are very affordable that you would want to stay healthy for the rest of your life. You can also purchase your favorite pasalubong items there.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberries grow in cold places and Baguio is the perfect place to grow them! Luckily, farm owners allow tourist to pick their own strawberries at the farm itself. Visitors can also eat the fruit directly from the ground because they are safe and organic.

Asin Hot Springs

After a long and tiring day, a quick dip in hot and cold springs are rewarding. It helps relax your muscles and your mind as well. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and delicious dishes will welcome you.

Strolling at Burnham Park

Parks aren’t a huge thing in big cities but in Baguio, they keep the city active. Paddling, jogging or a stressless walk in the Rose Garden will calm you down. They have a lot more to offer to experience the chill vibe of Baguio. Restaurants and local start-ups are also available and a must try as well.


Ukay-ukay is a big thing in Baguio as clothes from many parts of the world are dropped in the city first for people to thrift. Clothing of good quality can be bought at such cheap prices for as low as 5 pesos.

Food trip

Lastly, eat! Baguio owns lands of farms where meat and crops are produced. When they reach the city, they sell it for a very affordable price because they have a lot. This means that food prices are not a problem and you can eat all you can while you’re in there. First to try is their strawberry taho which can be found basically anywhere.