Batch 1982 High Schoolers Wear School Uniforms For 2018 Reunion

Teenage life wouldn’t be very memorable without high school experiences. Individuals experience so much during this stage, such as responsibilities, puberty and young love. It feels good to reminisce about all the wonderful scenarios that have happened in the past, whether they’re happy, embarrassing or a bit sad.

High school life wouldn’t be very fun without high school friends, too. As you grow up, you will need people in your life who go through circumstances that are similar to yours. Creating a strong bond between people happens when you learn to give sibling love to strangers.

When life happens, you tend to focus on real-life problems such as more responsibilities, earning money by working and creating a new family. 36 into this, you’ll probably think that life as a teenager is easier. It could be. That is why many people spend so much time talking to their childhood friends.

Early this year, a group of high schoolers from batch 1982  gathered together for a photo shoot in their old school. They planned a unique reunion which went viral around the internet.


Anyone who has high school hangups could be dreaming this right now: a reunion with the high school batch in their own campus, wearing their high school uniform. Isn’t that fun?

Well, this batch thinks so, too!

They posed on the grounds, under the hot sun, looking cute high schoolers all over again. They even shared laughter in their old classroom with their former teachers.

The internet went crazy just minutes after a Twitter user posted the photos. All had nice things to say and wanted this for their own batch reunions.

It is never too late to appreciate life and to have fun amidst certainties. We may be facing different problems on a daily basis, but what is important is that we never lose the child in us.

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