Disabled Woman Goes Viral For Her Impressive Skills

Unexpected overnight stardom is what this young woman experienced just recently despite losing both arms when she was still very young. Born with a complete set of limbs, this Chinese woman trained herself at 3 to eat with her feet after she lost her arms.

Social media took notice of her impressive skills which she captured on video and shared online. She demonstrated her life as a regular individual eating her food using chopsticks, typing on a computer, and taking selfies using a mobile phone.

Yang Li is the owner of the video that went trending all over the internet.

It was revealed that when she was still 3 years old, she met an accident which involved high voltage wires. This caused her to lose her arms at such a young age.

However, being amputated taught her so much about life and this includes being persistent to learn many skills. She taught herself how to eat all by herself, with chopsticks. She uses her toes to put on makeup on her face before going to work because she has a legit administrative job.

Her situation didn’t let her down at all. She finished a degree at a university in China which got her a good paying job. She hopes to inspire other people by means of uploading more videos of her on social media.

Woman with no arms eats with chopsticks

She is also currently making a living making these videos for Youtube and has about 1 million subscribers as of typing.

Yang Li’s situation is a lesson to everyone who has all the best opportunities in life but isn’t satisfied at all. Life has so much to offer, you just have to create the will and the motivation to move forward even though circumstances try to hinder. We hope you get inspired by Yang Li’s story.

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