Top 5 Amazing Things To Do In Minalungao National Park

Minalungao National Park is a well-preserved area and one of the few remaining natural environments in the region north of Metro Manila. Spanning over 2,000 hectares, it allures tourists with the breath-taking sight of the emerald-colored Penaranda River that runs across most of the park and the towering limestone formations that border it. Here are five reasons why you should visit Minalungao National Park.

Top 5 Amazing Things To Do In Minalungao National Park

The waters of Penaranda River are crystal clear, which is why it’ll be hard for you to resist taking a dip. Some parts of the river tend to get deep so swimming without a life vest is not allowed. If you don’t have one of your own, you can rent one for only PHP 20.00.

Bamboo Rafting
If you haven’t tried Bamboo Rafting, then this is the perfect time for first-timers! Best enjoyed with a group of friends while having your lunch or snacks in the raft.

Explore Minalungao Cave
Apart from the scenic limestone walls and Peñaranda River, there is another way to enjoy by exploring the Minalungao Cave situated at the foot of Minalungao Hill.

Cliff diving
Not only can you swim in the river, you can also dive into it. You can climb up the base of the rock formations and jump into the cool waters of the Penaranda River. Just remember that while cliff diving is allowed, you must be very responsible not to hurt others and most especially, yourself.

Hiking is one of the most exhausting but the totally worth it activities that you can try at Minalungao. A series of 1,000 steps lead you to a giant cross atop a mountain. From there, you can enjoy a most scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range.


Take a bus bound for Gapan/Cabanatuan. There are buses that are bound to Manila-Cabanatuan route from Cubao and Pasay. The fare is about P150-200. Travel time is approximately 2-3 hours. From Gapan, hop on a jeep to General Tinio. Then ride a tricycle to Minalungao Park. The fare is about P50 per head.
You can also hire a tricycle from Gapan bound directly to Minalungao for P500-600 per trike. Travel time is approximately 1-1.5 hours.