Why Foreigners Flock Over To Cebu Philippines During Sinulog Festival

Sinulog, which is a festivity in honor of a Saint, is a big thing in the Philippines, especially in Cebu. To give you a little background about the country’s religious history, the Philippines was under the Spanish colonization for exactly 333 years; that is more than 3 centuries. In those years of rulership, Spain influenced the country so much and turned it into a religious nation.

The star of the celebration is the image of Sto. Nino, which is said to be a gift from the Portuguese explorer who, at that time, led the expedition. He gave it to Rajah Humabon and Hara Amihan, the King and Queen of Cebu during their Christian baptism.

It was meant to be a symbol of freedom from Paganism and idolatry.

Later on, the hand-made image was believed to have performed miraculous activities and eventually became the city’s patron saint.

Today, the world celebrates with them as they hail the “Child Jesus”, every third Sunday of January. But aside from its rich history, what is there to Sinulog that people of modern days enjoy so much?


Cebu is rich, not just because of it being a centre for businesses, but because of its people. Cebu has a lot to offer. In this case, foreigners from all over the world book a flight to Cebu year after year, to enjoy the company of the people and be with a family of strangers.

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The Cebuano culture is nothing like the rest of the country. Its chill vibe yet progressing economy is what many people are after. The streets of Cebu aren’t as busy as Manila’s, but the economy is just as progressive.

If you have a couple of days to spare after Sinulog, one can easily head out to the neighboring islands to explore the beaches and the mountains that are most likely minutes just away from the main city.


As part of Cebu’s culture, the Cebuanos love to socialize with everyone. Since Cebu is a small province, almost everyone is connected to one another. If you’re a visitor, you will instantly feel the welcoming spirit and the natural hospitality of the Cebuanos. There’s no place like Cebu.

Sinulog Party
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Endless Parties

The parties are crazy. Cebu is a hub for parties, whatever the occasion may be. Street parties start days before Sinulog, in preparation for the main one.

Inappropriate parties are currently being regulated by the city’s mayor to give way to the true meaning of the celebration.

Sinulog Grand Parade
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Being the only Christian nation in Asia, faith is strong amongst the Filipino people in general. Other than the parties and other non-religious reasons for joining in, many are real believers of Jesus Christ. This faith keeps the entire nation smiling in spite of all the disasters, calamities and other circumstances the country has been and will be through.

Now, that’s the real spirit of Christianity.