Must Try Food Places in Makati

When you happen to be stranded in Makati with nothing planned on schedule, why not go on a food trip with your friends or all by yourself? Makati has a lot of great food choices to offer and below are only some of them.

Bean & Yolk

Bean & Yolk is all about eggs. And no, the restaurant is not exclusive for breakfast lovers only but for food lovers in general. If you’re looking for a familiar palate that is unique at the same time, head on to one of Makati’s popular restaurants located in Bel-air.

Among their best sellers is Cara’s Fave, which is a basic grilled cheese with sunny side up egg. Its premium cheese compliment the simple yet classic egg yolk seeping out of the sandwich. They have other items on the menu such as burgers, eggs benedicts, and lattes.

Ramen Kuroda

Ramen Kuroda is a Japanese restaurant which serves delicious, homemade noodles. Among their customers’ favorites are Kuro Ramen, a classic bowl of ramen made of tonkotsu broth and garlic oil. It costs 180 pesos. Another all-time bestseller is their Aka Chashumen which claims to serve 300% larger chashu. The bowl costs 230 pesos only.


Kaya Korean Restaurant

If you want to go to South Korea so bad but can’t, go to Kaya Korean Restaurant instead! They offer authentic Korean food that has passed thousands of Korean food fans’ taste buds. Among the popular selections are Pajeon, a pancake with onion leek and squid, Jin Mandoo and Bibimbap. They also serve Dak Bulgogi which is a grilled chicken fillet, Kalbi Gui, and Sam Gye Tang.

They’re located in Jupiter St., Makati.

Posted by Kaya Korean Restaurant on Friday, July 14, 2017

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