Newly-weds Used Erupting Mt. Mayon As Backdrop

Love conquers all.

Just recently, the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon volcano has erupted and while it was still puffing out its glorious lava, the couple, Arlo and Maica, pushed through with their wedding and made the terrifying disaster into a magical view.


Newly-weds Used Erupting Mt. Mayon As Backdrop
Source: Facebook, (Franklyn Deo Nebreja )

Their wedding photoshoot became viral the moment Franklyn, the wedding photographer, posted the couple’s proof of love, and it was amazing. The volcano at that time was bursting its ashes all over the place, hinting an outburst of happy volcanic emotions.

It looked like a beautiful disaster. The couple, who posed mimicking the ashes’ shape, became the centerpiece of an already breathtaking sight, while the volcano became their backdrop.

The tale of Mt. Mayon

Prior to this news, the active volcano was trending on social media after an artist took a photo Mt. Mayon, spewing ashes formed like a couple hugging each other.

A netizen interpreted the image and added the volcano’s legend and the post spread like wildfire. The legend of Mt. Mayon starred Panganoron and Magayon.

The legend was about Panganoron and Magayon falling in love with each other but their love was forbidden because they belonged to different tribes. One day, one of Magayon’s persistent suitors threatened the young woman that if she would not accept his proposal for marriage, he will kill her father, the tribe’s leader.

Newly-weds Used Erupting Mt. Mayon As Backdrop

She agreed to save her father’s life and got married to Patuga. Panganoron then attacked Patuga. During their duel, Magayong was unexpectedly struck by a poisonous arrow and died. Unfortunately for Panganoron, he was beheaded during the fight.

Their story may not have ended happily, but their legend serves as a beautiful reminder that love, however short or unnoticed it may seem, will remain as powerful as an erupting volcano.

Newly-weds Used Erupting Mt. Mayon As Backdrop

The newly-weds kissed in front of Mayon, as a symbol of their everlasting love. The photographer, who caught the perfect moment, wrote a caption,Kahit na pumuputok ang bulkan, tuloy pa rin tayo. Laban lang! Walang makakapigil sa atin.”

Who needs a fireworks display if you have an erupting volcano behind you?

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