Prepaid Loads Above P300 Is Now Valid For 12 Months

Huge telecommunications companies in the Philippines are beginning to extend the validity period of prepaid load in the country.

In a statement, PLDT-Smart Communications confirmed that the new mandate is in accordance to the order of National Telecommunications Commision, Department of Information and Communications Technology and the Department of Trade and Industry last December 2017.

“Smart, TNT and Sun prepaid loads worth P300 and above shall, moving forward, have a one-year validity, regardless of the validity period printed on the physical cards already out in the market”, they added.

Globe confirmed. In a statement, they said:

“Effective January 5, 2018, all Globe prepaid load with denomination of 300 pesos and above will carry a one (1) year expiration period,”

According to the major telecommunications companies, Globe and PLDT-Smart, the 1-year validity for loads below 300 will be effective soon but they need more time to prepare.

“The 6-months extension will give us ample time to prepare for the smooth and seamless implementation of the expiration change across all denominations,” said Globe.

PLDT-Smart added, “We are grateful to the three agencies for the grant of a six-month extension period before the full implementation of the MC. This provides us more time to implement the extensive reconfiguration of our IT and other support systems, and to conduct the needed tests, in order to ensure trouble-free implementation of the new expiry period.”

The companies are asking for 6 months to implement the order due to a possible rash on the system if it was implemented immediately.

“We apologize for giving the public false expectations, but if we have to err, it would be on the side of being 100% certain that nothing untoward will happen,” says DICT OIC Eliseo Rio Jr. in a statement.

However, the agency expects the companies to fulfill it earlier than expected.

Rio adds, “We expect the two telcos to really compete by racing to comply because the winner can attract the subscribers of the other telco. With this, we expect their compliance earlier than the deadline. This will show that there is real competition on their part”.

According to the new word from the government, the moment a user loads his mobile number, the validity will automatically extend up to the following year.

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