Top 4 Tips on How to Stay in Shape While Travelling

Travel.  A five letter word that is sometimes used as an exuse to party, let loose and pig out.

Be it a business trip, family vacation or a “me-time” treat to yourself to get away from it all, it is a common thought that a workout is hard to fit in during travel.

Top 4 Tips on How to Stay in Shape While Travelling

Here are some tips  you can follow to help stay in shape while travelling.


For sure there are local transport that will bring you from one destination to another. But, why not walk it and maximize calorie burn prior to the meeting (and yes, while getting a tan too – just make sure to put your shirt on after the walk) ? That way, you won’t miss out on the various views your vacation spot has to offer.


If you love going to the gym but the hotel you are in does not have one, then you need to be creative.  Make use of what you have.  Water bottles or heavy books can be used as dumbells, a stable chair can be used for tricep dips, or your own body weight for used as resistance. Be your own gym.


Nothing beats an early morning run.  Before every one gets busy with their day, a run always sets everything right. It jumps starts the metabolism and makes you feel more alert during the rest of the day.


Yes the food is G-R-E-A-T. Fresh seafood as cheap as it can get and barbequed ribs, scrumptious.

As much as it’s tempting to pig out, the rule of thumb is to consider that you have everything in the equation. Protein + Grains + Veggies + Good Fat + Dairy.  The more colorful the better and yes, grilled, baked and broiled are the best way to enjoy your meal.

It really all comes down to how serious you are in achieving your goals through fitness and WHY you are doing this.  Give these four simple tips a try the next time you go traveling – You just need to be creative, disciplined and motivated.

Have fun and enjoy your travels!