Budget Travel Tips and Guide to Batanes Philippines

A popular tourist destination in the Philippines is up in the northern part of the country. It used to be difficult to visit but now, it is possible. Batanes is a dream spot for anybody who desires to explore the peacefulness of the deep blue sea, the serenity of the mountains and the lightheartedness brought about by the dancing clouds in the sky. It is where nature is experienced at its best.

If you want to go there and see for yourself, read on for amazing travel tips to Batanes.


Batanes, being always on top of the list, is expected to be very expensive. If you get lucky, you’ll be able to book a ticket from Manila to Bosco, Batanes, for 4,000 (++) pesos. If not, then flights may have already been sold out. The accommodation is quite affordable. A regular place, Nanay Cita’s Homestay, is only 350 pesos per day, but with no aircon, although Wi-Fi is available.There are many more places to stay that are less than 350 per day.

Food is okay. You can be fed for only 80 pesos, sometimes 250 per meal. If you want to save more, you can cook. But if want to help the locals, you can splurge a little bit to support the community.

Batanes, Philippines
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What to book

Before even packing you things, you have to make sure that you’ve correctly booked your flight. Flights to Batanes don’t occur very often. It is best to subscribe to all newsletters possible to get updates about your dream Batanes flight.

Once you’ve finally booked it, it’s time to search for the perfect tour. Ibayat Tour costs approximately 2,000 pesos per day via motorbike. Sabtang Tour is a lot cheaper and it is via a tricycle. If you want to do it yourself, you will have to do a lot of research first.

What to bring

Aside from the basics like clothes and cash, you have to bring extras. Extra cash, just in case of emergency, extra layers of clothes because it might get cold at night and extra energy because you sure won’t get enough of the place.

Other essentials are water, sunblock, snacks and a camera for documentation.

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Where to go

The most convenient way to tour Batanes is by spending money and booking a tour. With that, everything will be well taken care of and all you’ll ever do is prepare your camera.

The top 5 places to go in Batanes regardless of your preferred destinations are Naidi Hills Lighthouse, Valugan Boulder Beach, Diura Fishing Village, Old Naval Base and the Spanish Bridge. Many more places will be introduced to you once you book a tour.

What to expect

Expect nothing but to be overwhelmed by the glorious beauty of nature found in Batanes. Beautiful is an understatement, even.