Emolords Rejoice: Typecast is Back

Emolords Rejoice: Typecast is Back

Ask any person from 20-30 years old if at one point in their lives they had an “emo” phase. If they say yes, most likely they had a Typecast song on their playlist.

The Typecast band, formed by Steve Badiola along with Chi Resurreccion, Pakoy Fletchero, and Sep Roño, has been producing music since the early 2000’s where, as many emo kids know, had their “emo days” while screaming their hearts out as their music played.

The group rose to the public interest with their song “Will You Ever Learn” 12 years ago. Recently, in November of 2017, the band recently recorded their new single” Against The Ropes”.

Relive the days where guyliner, black shirts, and skinny jeans was the in thing. Jam along to their new song as well as some of their hits in the link below.

Watch and sing along

For Your Sake

Boston Drama

Reverend’s Daughter