Dingalan Aurora: Travel Guide

Aurora is well-known for its surfing spots in the town of Baler. The province is also known for having undeveloped beaches, amazing rock formation and pristine waterfalls. One of the newest tourist destinations in the province that attracts a lot of outdoor enthusiasts is a place called “Dingalan.” Just a 3-4 hours’ drive from Manila. Dingalan will offer a complete package of adventure – beach, waterfalls, caving and trekking. Below are suggested tips as your local travel guide in the Philippnes.

Dingalan Aurora: Travel Guide
The Pinoy Traveler

Dingalan, Aurora is a perfect destination for a weekend trip most especially if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and experience something new.  It is worth the experience and of course, if spent with the right people, makes it more fun and memorable!


Dingalan Aurora: Travel Guide
The Pinoy Traveler

Go sight seeing and enjoy the view of this amazing place…

Dingalan Aurora: Travel Guide
The Pinoy Traveler

Cool  your body off with the cold water at Abungan Falls…

Dingalan Aurora: Travel Guide
The Pinoy Traveler

How to get to Dingalan Aurora
For commute way, take a 5-star bus in Cubao bound for Cabanatuan. Travel time is around 3 hours. Bus Fare is Php 185.
From Cabanatuan, take a van going to Dingalan. Travel time is around 1 and a half to 2 hours. Van Fare is Php100.
From Dingalan, take a tricycle going to Feeder Port. Travel Time is 10-15 minutes. Tricycle Fare is Php20
From Port, ride a boat going to the white beach, which is the jump off to Parola. Travel time is around 20 minutes. Boat rental fee is Php700 (2 way).


Where to Stay

There is no high end resort or hotel in town, only inns, lodges and small-time hotels offering basic  accommodation. There are also resorts with cottages in Barangay Paltic, Butas na Bato and Matawe that offer basic amenities as well.

Shalom Guesthouse and Restobar
Purok Almasiga, Barangay Paltic
Contact No: +639162106268
P300 per person for dormitory room; P1,500 and up for private room

Where to Eat in Dingalan

Shalom Guesthouse and Restobar in Barangay Paltic offers the usual menu – rice meals, pasta and shakes.

What to Do in Dingalan

Camp in White Beach or Matawe Inter-Tidal Beach
Beach hopping
Visit Tanawan Falls, Abungan Falls, Laktas Falls, Tabi Falls and Iyapit Falls
Swim in Lipit Picnic Area along Ibona River
Charter a boat to Lamaw Caves
See the panoramic view of the town at Tanawan View Deck
Go windsurfing in Aplaya and Butas na Bato
Head on to Baler to surf