Hottest Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

The rise of more business and the growth of home-based freelancing as a career is undeniably fast and its demand is just as strong. Thus, the need for using technology that encourages productivity is also in demand.

If you are one of those people who rely on mobile apps to become more productive, we have listed a few of the hottest apps to help you work better and more effectively.

Google Docs


Hottest Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

Google Docs is an online version of Microsoft Office. It is very useful for people who are always on the go because files are synced using one device to the other. It can be accessed using the web and can be downloaded on mobile devices using Android and iOS.


Hottest Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

Evernote has been around since forever but its usefulness is timeless. It can be used to organize your notes by creating separate notebooks. You can attach photos, videos and audio clips in each note. The app has a scanning feature as well, which is useful for capturing documents and automatically adding them to the phone’s gallery. It can sync data from iOS, Android and Web, real time.

Marinara Timer

Hottest Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

Most times, the reason for not being productive at work are those tiny distractions. Using Marinara Timer will help you focus by timing yourself. This is called the Pomodoro technique. For example, you can activate the timer for 15 minutes, you have to work on your task for 15 minutes and finish it. This is proven to increase your productivity.


Hottest Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

Slack is a messenger tool that many businesses use. Clients use it for many reasons and one is because it can create many channels for many teams. Other than that, the app is very simple and is user-friendly.


Hottest Productivity Apps You Should Be Using


Asana is an organization tool which helps workers organize projects from different clients. It can be customized however way you like it. It has a calendar, a board and many other features.

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