The Best KPOP Songs That You Need In Your Playlist

[Playlist] – K-Entry (Girl Group)

This post segment would cover recommendations for both casual and experienced listener to see that there is more to Korean music than what you are currently hearing.

I won’t go into specifics on the artists or groups featured here as exploring them is up to the listener. I’m just here to lead you to k-music that I find enjoyable to listen.As much as possible, I’ll post the lyric translations for your reference.

Got a friend who is interested in KPOP but not sure where to start? Here are a few videos of girl groups to start them along on their journey. Just posting 1 per group. Some are recent hits, some are classics.

  1. Red Velvet – Bad Boy

Lyrics here

  1. TWICE – Cheer Up
  1. APINK – Mr. Chu
  1. Girl’s Generation – Gee

Lyrics here

  1. BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

Lyrics here

  1. SISTAR – I Swear
  1. Girl’s Day – Darling
  1. AOA – Excuse Me
    1. F(x) – Rum PumPum

Lyrics here

  1. EXID –Up and Down

Lyrics here

Tune in next time for more. To those already acquainted with KPOP and find that some of your favorites haven’t been mentioned, do tell us on what would be your suggested entry songs.

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