Best 5 Pinoy Street Games Only Batang 90’s Know

If you live in the 90s era, then you have played a handful of street games. Pinoy who are so fortunate enough to have their childhood in the 90s knew what it feels like to play with friends without any technology. Nowadays, kids tend to stay at home in front of their tablets, smartphones or gaming consoles. however, it doesn’t mean that children of this era don’t know a thing or two about the 90s street games. At least their parents could have told them. let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the popular street games every kid loved in the 90s.

1. Tumbang Preso

Best 5 Pinoy Street Games Only Batang 90's Know
Another street games that kids loved in the 90s was “Tumbang Preso”. Basically, this game involves a tin can, which kids must strike using their slippers. One kid guards the tin can and in case it was struck, he/she should touch another kid to be able to play. Then, another kid will become the guard of the tin can, and this game will go on and on for as long as everyone is having fun.

2. Patintero

Best 5 Pinoy Street Games Only Batang 90's Know
To play this game, you have to form two teams. The first team will act as the guards “taya”. Your aim is to pass through the guards without getting touched by them. The deal here is guards are not allowed to stay out of line. If one of you got caught, your team will be the next guards.

3. Luksong Baka or Luksong Tinik

Best 5 Pinoy Street Games Only Batang 90's Know
Luksong baka and luksong tinik have the same rules. The only difference is that in luksong tinik, your team will use your hands and feet that will serve as thorns “tinik” while sitting the same with the picture shown above. In luksong baka, you will use your whole body instead of hands and feet. It will gradually get higher and the opponent should jump as high as he could to pass the “tinik” or “baka”. If he/she fails to do that, the other team will be the next to play.

4. Tagu-taguan or Hide and Seek

Best 5 Pinoy Street Games Only Batang 90's Know
This is very common and it is best played during the dusk where hiding in places is really effective. The “taya” is going to count loud from 1 to 10 on his/her base and you have to hide. While the “taya” is busy looking for other players, you have to stealth all your way to the base and tap it for you to be saved. The first one who got caught without tapping the base is the new “taya”.

5. Chinese Garter

Best 5 Pinoy Street Games Only Batang 90's Know
This is usually played by the girls although there are also boys who are getting hook by this game. Chinese Garter uses rubber bands or garters. There are several ways to play this game. Some of the most favorite games include ten twenty, one by one and limbo rock. Other kids jump ridiculously higher than the other, as the garter is being adjusted higher every time every kid has jumped until only one remains.

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