Dumaguete’s Famous Silvanas: A Must Try This Summer!

Dumaguete’s Famous Silvanas

When in Dumaguete, aside from chomping on the native delicacy Bud-Bod Kabog, never miss out on the sweet, buttery goodness of Sans Rival and Silvanas from Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries. Your Dumaguete trip is incomplete without having their most popular silvanas! As your local travel guide in the Philippines here are everything you need to know about San’s Rival of Dumaguete.

Silvanas Dumaguete
Silvanas Dumaguete

Ask any locals around Dumaguete City about delicious desserts and they will most likely point you to Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries. This started as a small-time garaged bakeshop in 1977 and now evolved into a cozy cafe. Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries is now considered as a local icon with their sweet and yummy baked goodies for more than three decades now.

Silvanas Dumaguete

Silvanas are cookie-like desserts. The best thing about it is the smooth cream filling that has a distinct, buttery and cashew nut goodness. It is sandwiched between some crunchy-chewy meringue. The crunchiness is experienced when the silvanas are fresh out of the refrigerator, that is why this treat needs to stay cool. It’s like an ice cream sandwich with a twist!

Silvanas Dumaguete

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries is the ideal place for delightful pasalubongs! The sky blue and white signature colors of the cafe is so serene that it suites Dumaguete City’s tagline: “The City of Gentle People.” And this will make your sansrical experience pleasurable.

When taking it back home from a Dumaguete trip, it highly suggested to make these your last stop before you head to the airport. These treats can last about 5 hours before needing refrigeration. But once you get back, best to freeze it for a while, then take them out to enjoy. But of course when you are in Dumaguete, have a chance to take at least a bite of these while having a cool cup of iced coffee or your favorite drink in their cozy cafe.

The Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries shop has two branches: one inside the Robinson’s Mall, and the original one located at San Jose Street, just along the J.P. Rizal Bay Walk area.

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