Must Visit Places When in Bulacan

When in Bulacan: What to Discover

Whenever we think of a getaway, Bulacan isn’t exactly what’s on top of our minds. There are more talked about provinces such as Baguio, Laguna, Palawan, etc. Fortunately, there’s still beauty behind that. The rural area can offer numerous hidden gems that are tranquil and beautiful, yet not far and crowded—which makes it even more special.

The Patriot: Barasoain Church

Must Visit Places When in Bulacan
More than just another Roman Catholic Church, the Barasoain Church holds significant importance in Philippine History. The church is the birthplace of the First Philippine Republic, under the rule of First President Emilio Aguinaldo.

The History Buff: Women of Malolos

Must Visit Places When in Bulacan
Travelers who like to explore old houses and neighborhoods will be pleased to find that Bulacan also exerts much effort to preserve heritage houses.

Reyes Strawberry Farm

Must Visit Places When in Bulacan
Who said you have to go to Baguio to see a strawberry farm? Bulacan has their very own version and it is beautiful. With a field that stretches long and wide, you’ll enjoy picking* and breathing in the aroma of the fruits. The farm also has grapevines to give you more options.

Pinagrealan Cave

Must Visit Places When in Bulacan

This cave is a subterranean network of caverns extending more than a kilometer deep and was used by The Katipunero Revolutionaries during the war against Spain as a camp in 1896 and also during the Filipino-American War in 1898 as hideout of General Emilio Aguinaldo.

Verdivia Falls

Must Visit Places When in Bulacan
Verdivia Falls is like a page off of Alex Garland’s “The Beach”. Named after its “verde” or green waters, the falls boast of fresh, clean waters flowing from the virgin streams. It’s also surrounded by trees which make swimming under the sun less scorching.

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