5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions

Top 5 – Dubai’s Famous Attractions

Ever wondered why Dubai became one of the main tourist destinations for many travelers around the world? According to the latest data from the Department of Tourism, Dubai have received a total of almost 15.8 million visitors from around the world last 2017. Most tourists who visited Dubai came from Asia.

Dubai is one of the cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is the largest and most populous of the seven Emirates.  It became a global city and a business hub of the Middle East which helped Dubai become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

One of the reasons for Dubai’s fantastic growth is due to its tourism. I have listed below 5 of Dubai’s famous attractions. If you want to see more of Dubai you can check from this reliable site.

  1. Burj Khalifa – boasting a height of 2,722 feet, this 160 storey building is one of the most famous attractions in Dubai. It is recorded in Guinness world record as the tallest man-made structure since its opening in 2010. Once you’ve arrived in Dubai, you will be able to see Burj Khalifa from almost every place in Dubai.

5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions


It is really on a world of its own, like a magnificent king looking down on his people. The exterior of Burj Khalifa is also a thing of beauty, it will definitely give you goosebumps just seeing the building. The building also lights up at night, made possible by the led panels installed in it which provides spectacular light shows. It is definitely a place you can’t miss if you plan to visit Dubai.


  1. Dubai Desert Dunes – Before Dubai was developed to become one of the most expensive cities in the world, the place is full of desert so it’s no wonder that it is included in my 5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions. Experience the vast desert of Dubai and test if you can see the end of the desert. Be amazed by the pristine hills of sand and experience sunset while riding a camel. You can check any of the travel and tours in the country for your own Dubai Desert Safari adventure.

5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions

  1. Burj Al Arab – another famous attraction is the Burj Al Arab. A 7 star luxury hotel standing on a man-made island in Jumeirah Beach. It became part of my 5 of Dubai’s famous attractions list because of its impressive architectural design which looks like a ship hull. The Burj Al Arab is the third tallest hotel in the world (coz Dubai always competes for the top place).

5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions


You might be thinking that since it is a luxurious place, you will not have the opportunity to see it up close. But don’t fret, the best thing about this building is that it is located near a public beach in Dubai. From here you can enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab up close while basking yourself in the sunlight and swimming in the Arabian Gulf.


  1. Dubai Mall – Dubai being Dubai, has built the largest mall in the world by total area which is the Dubai Mall. The said mall made my list because of its colossal place and numerous lists of things you can do inside aside from eating and shopping. All of the people who have been to Dubai visited this place, one reason being the mall is beside the famous Burj Khalifa. It even has entrance to the Burj Khalifa inside the mall. The mall has lots of activities which people from different age group can definitely enjoy.

5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden – the last one on my list but definitely not the least, is the Miracle Garden. It is by its name a garden full of flowers, but what makes it special are the flower arrangements inside the area. The latest they have made was put a huge Boeing plane inside the garden and installed flowers in it. Flower lovers and people who loves colors will definitely like the place as it is very vibrant and refreshing. The only downside for Miracle Garden is that it is close on summer. You can check it out during cold months. It opens at around November to December and is closed by April.

5 of Dubai’s Famous Attractions

Dubai still has lots of things to offer and places that you can visit. If you have more time you can explore the whole United Arab Emirates as the whole country have lots of places to see, from man-made to natural wonders as well. Even if your preferences are different as it might be swimming, trekking, food tasting and a lot more.

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