10 Ways to Burn Calories Easily

10 Ways to Burn Calories Easily

Revved up metabolic rate burns more calories resulting in quicker weight loss. But, the question is – why we need to lose weight? According to American Heart Association, “People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke, even if they have no other risk factors.”  

Nowadays, health experts advice eating balanced food as well as burning extra calories for best results. Let’s add the following ways in your daily regimen.


#1 The first health tip may sound conventional, but it is in your best interest! Taking a brisk walk of only about 20 minutes a day can work wonders.

Even if you can’t go to the gym regularly, take out this time to either run with your partner or pet or alone. You can also torch away an insane amount of calories by just getting off your transit, a stop earlier. Skipping the elevator and taking the flight of steps, instead, is also a good way to balance out those generous meals.


#2 Stretch yourself to torch off those extra calories. In addition to your routine exercise plan, find some time daily to practice easy yoga poses. They are the smart way to burn up about 100 calories in just 20 minutes. Yes, very doable! Try some easy yoga poses illustrated here.


#3 Washing your vehicle is another very healthy habit to burn extra calories. Quick daily washing and wiping off the dust also saves time to drive through professional car wash. Do the hosing down yourself and save some cash as well.


#4 While good music can align and soothe your senses, dancing and jiving could easily help you lose weight. So, shake your booties amply!

An interesting study by the University of Brighton found that trying rhythmic moves with music is a great way to get the heart pumping. The study found that “certain kinds—think swing or contemporary—can actually burn more calories than a run.”


#5 Experts even recommend an end of the day massage to your mate for about an hour. This can burn up to 200 calories.

Do make sure, to get one in return!


#6 Health experts equate the hazards of smoking to sitting idle.

They recommend that instead of sitting idle in traffic or at red light, you can easily work your core muscles and improve posture.

Fidgeting for few moments every now and then on your worktable is doable as well. Some experts even advise taking two minute walks in between your hectic schedule.


#7 Have kids?

Playing backyard games like tag, hopscotch and catch, are not only fun but a sure way to burn up calories. You can even borrow your friends’ kids and let their parents go on a day date while you keep the kids engage with enjoyable games.

Crawl, run, jump or race down, as you please!


#8 Instead of snacking or drinking in your free time, volunteer for community service.

Neighborhood cleanup or working at a dog shelter, or even playing in the neighborhood park is an excellent way to singe those horrific calories.


#9 Another interesting way is to “work out, then make out”

Hitting the gym with your partner for weightlifting or treadmill can burn out about 100 calories in 30 minutes.Afterwards, slid between the sheets and torch away another 100 with vigorous foreplay and sex!


#10 Lastly, avoid snacking in between. Instead, chew a gum to thwart hunger pangs! If you feel the need to munch on something, keep a box of dry-fruits nearby. They are nutritious and the best alternative to junk!


Contributor Bio – The blog is presented by Sharda Hospital and intends to spread awareness about mindful eating and behaviour. Sharda Hospital is one of the largest super speciality hospitals in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).

10 Ways to Burn Calories Easily

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