4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes – With These Don’ts

Protect Your Eyes With These Don’ts

According to one of the best eye lasik surgery clinic in Singapore, weak eyesight is a common problem nowadays, with the number of those who suffer from it increase continuously. You might ask why should this worry you with the 20/20 eyesight?

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes - With These Don’ts

To be blunt, people often ruin their eyes with bad habits. Unassuming things like using electronic devices for prolonged period without rest, prolonged exposure under the sun without protective eyewear, washing habits like rubbing your eyes vigorously would manifest itself in the long run when compounded and done on a daily basis.

Sure, you’d come across a myriad of online articles that preach healthy eating and an active lifestyle. That’s well and good to know, but haven’t you noticed that there are way less articles about promoting and addressing issues of eye health. This in consideration to the eyes being on of the more sensitive spectrum of our body parts, that we use and as much as we deny it, abuse them.

Okay, upon reading this article, you might be one of those already affected with say near/farsightedness or astigmatism. This sounds cliché but you are probably are doing measures such as using corrective lenses, or contact lenses. If you have enough money on your hands, time to recuperate, and of the right age, you can address your sight problem by Lasik (laser eye surgery). Though if you still keep your bad habits, you’d find yourself making a return trip in the future.

As the old adage would say, prevention is better than cure. So, in the interest of those keen to preserve their good vision as best they can, we’re here to provide you a few tips:


1-Don’t use your electronic devices for prolonged periods

We are all aware that electronic devices are integrated into our daily lives. Yes, they are used for both work and recreation, but using/staring at them too much would strain your eyes.

Take breaks, close your eyes, look at relaxing colors, let your eyes cool down.


2-Don’t rub your eyes often

Rubbing eyes is sometimes enjoyable especially if you randomly got something in your eyes that you want to remove. Rubbing, at times stimulates the tear ducts a bit hence the moist patch on your finger after rubbing.

Did you know that excessive rubbing can cause corneal abrasion and in the worst case scenario, your can have corneal distortion.

Let’s just say, if you have to rub, use a damp cloth/tissue. Or if it’s still there, use eye drops, or blink the affected eye under running water.


3-Don’t smoke

We all know smoking causes damage to the lungs, but did you know it causes damage to the eyes as well? It has been proven through studies that smoking leads to eye diseases or at the worst case, blindness.

If I were you, I’d lay off the stick. The money you save from smoking and subsequently, eye correction would be used say, for a vacation. Your good vision would be put to use appreciating the sights.


4-Don’t read in the dark


Logically speaking, why would you read in the dark? For one, your eyes work harder refocusing based on limited lighting, you get strained faster. Add to that the patented combo of using your electronic devices in the dark for long periods, you are just asking the optometrist to upgrade your glass grade early.

Always read in well-lighted areas, also, take breaks. Even in well-lighted areas, prolonged reading of those small fonts in the books will make your eyes work harder. Take breaks.

The above mentioned things are of common sense, but we’re doing a service to everyone to remind about the things you can do to maintain or not let your failing eyesight get worse. We’re hoping you can take a break after reading this article and relax your eyes.