5 Incredible Things to do when visiting Arkansas

Arkansas is a beautiful place in the USA better known as “Natural State” given the fact it hosts an array of mesmerizing rivers, mountains, hot springs, caves, and abundance of wilderness. However, treading through such a big area can effectively require one to know a bit about the place. The state of Arkansas houses lush terrain with a moderate climate that makes it an ultimate destination for hundreds and thousands of visitors coming to this place from far off locations.


Here is a short guide to the things that you must do when in Arkansas.


1-Enjoy Kayaking at longest bayou in the world

If you love kayaking, spending your time at Bayou Bartholomew that extends for a length of 350+ miles would be a great investment of time. You can also enjoy the best water parks in Arkansas that are famous for their adventurous rides. At Bayou, you can indulge in activities such as bream fishing or catch some catfishes that thrive in the area. The diverse and beautiful landscape of the river makes up for a beautiful scenario while you take a casual stroll around the river.


2-Embrace inner peace when at Anthony Chapel

The Anthony Chapel is probably one of the most loved wedding locations in the entire USA. The strikingly enormous building that is nestled in the deep parts of Garvan Woodland Gardens near the Hot Springs. This particular chapel houses wooden beams that look like trees shoots deep into the forest. The space feels open and close to the beauty of nature. Any wedding taking place at this chapel is definitely one to remember.


3-Dine at US President Clinton’s adored hangout spot

A restaurant named Doe’s Eat Place at Little Rock has been marked in the books of history, all thanks to Presidential campaign held in the year 1992. This was actually the favorite hangout spot for Bill Clinton along with his teammates. Back when Clinton was a candidate for the presidential position and an interview by Rolling Stones was also conducted here. The restaurant confirms that the governor used to love eating lettuce, jalapeno cheeseburgers, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, and onions.


4-Look at the world’s edge near Hawksbill Crag

The Hawksbill Crag is actually nothing but a sharp rock that is jutting from the walls of the forest. It ranks among the most scenic places present in the state. If you are planning on proposing you girl at the best ever location, nothing could be better than the Hawksbill Crag. The viewpoint of this spot is filled with the grandeur of Buffalo River. You can find more information on Hawksbill Crag at Nerd’s Travel.


5-Dig your very own diamond

If you are looking for a unique adventure in Arkansas, you can find one in Crater of Diamonds State Park. It is the 8th largest mine for diamond extraction around the globe. You might find, if you are lucky enough, a gem or two which can be great investment given the fact that the entry ticket for the park is only $10.

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