5 Outdoor Sports Idea For Kids

5 Outdoor Sports Idea For Kids

With the advancement in technology, we see almost every kid today indulge in digital media in one way or another. A lot of applications and games have been introduced and this race of digital progress in never going to end but when it comes to outdoor sports, its favorite of every kid. They love going out and spend time with friends and family. Kids like being social and always try to compete with their age fellows in different group games. It gives them a sense of freedom and it’s a good idea to use their energy with some mental and physical activity. Here are some popular outdoor sports for kids, which are engaging and interesting as well.


This game is as old as 17 century, and is called by different names in every culture like Peever, escargot, Himmel und Hölle, Stapu and much more. No players limit is in this game but one can play at a time and others have to wait for their turn. To play this, first a hopscotch grid, which is called ‘court’is made with a chalk on the ground or pavement. The design of the court is a series of linear squaresinterspersed with blocks of two lateral squares. Squares are numbered from one to nine. A stone is used for tossing so a flat stone is usually selected and the whole game is played with it. The game begins by throwing the stone on the number one square. By single footyou have to hop to the next square by skipping the ‘square with a stone’ on it, all the way to the end. Similarly the process repeats with all the squares by tossing stone one after another square and hopping. Come back by turning around picking the rock to the start. If you fail to toss the rock on the right square then your turn is over.

Freeze Tag:

‘Freeze tag’ is similar to the original version of tag with minor changes. Any number of players can play this game. The game begins by selecting a kid to be ‘IT’. The player who is ‘IT’ can freeze other players by touching them. Everyone try to run away from ‘IT’, he run after every player trying to ‘tag’ one after another. If ‘IT’ succeed to freeze the player, he had to remain still pretending to be freeze until the next player tries and wins to unfreeze it. The game ends, if every player freezes and no one is left to unfreeze them.This game is fun for kids and makes them happy to freeze other player and stopping everyone to unfreeze it.

Hot Potato:

Music energizes kids, especially if played in a game. In this game all kids stand in a circle. Circle will expand with the number of kids playing. Then the music is played by some adult or a kid in charge of the music. When the music starts, the kids start throwing a soft object to one another pretending like it’s a ‘Hot potato’. Every kid will try to pass the ball to another as early as possible so that they don’t get caught. Then adult in charge of music with stop the music randomly. The kid caught with the soft object in his hand will be out of the game. The music will start again and the game will continue until the last kid is left with the object and wins.

Another version of this game is by randomly tossing the ball to another kid by saying his name. If the music stops with the kid holding the ball then he is out.
Other than these games kids love playing kick the can, parachute and the most popular one today is paintball game which is most exciting with large groups.

Hide and Seek:

‘Hide and seek’ is another classic game for kids to enjoy. First of all a kid is decided to be ‘IT’. IT will cover his eyes and counts from 0 to 20 while all the other players will quietly hide or lie behind some tree or other objects. After the counting ends, IT uncovers his eyes and start searching for all the players. Whoever he finds first will become IT and all the other players will hide again while he counts. Kids get creative when it comes to hide and try to find new places as game advance. Often an area is selected like backyard or some safe ground to play so kids don’t get far enough to hide.

Traffic Cop:

This fun game works best on large paved area, less traffic roads or with no traffic roads at all. This need to be played in an adult supervision. Every kid should bring rides they got like bikes,pedestrians, scooters wagons, or whatever is available. Make sure kids don’t run into each other and direct them to cross the street. Make them learn about the traffic safety and enjoy their rides as well by making different vehicle sounds and playing ride games with each other.




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