5 PCOS Symptoms All Women Should Know

Were you recently diagnosed with PCOS? For you this term might be entirely new but it is actually a common ailment which the resultant of unhealthy lifestyle. While the actual cause of PCOS hasn’t been determined yet, it is certain that unhealthy eating habits along with a routine-less lifestyle can add to the woes of the issue. More than 10 percent of women all over the world are affected by this hormonal issue which can essentially distort the way your reproductive system works. An increased level of testosterone can lead to infertility. Apart from that, PCOS can be the causal factor of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and many other health ailments.


Here are some of the symptoms you should look out for when suspecting PCOS.

1-Irregular Periods:

Women with PCOS come with high testosterone that renders the ovaries incapable of producing proper levels of progesterone to cause timely periods. You might end up with periods that come after months and sometimes not even for years. Make sure you contact your gynecologist when you have missed your periods for more than 45 days.


2-Adult with Acne:

Now we all know that acne is a teenage issue that wears away with time. However, for women with PCOS, the worries never end. Excess hormonal levels lead to surplus sebum production leading to adult acne. If you see that, your acne doesn’t deplete on its own even when you maintain a healthy skin routine with good diet, its time you consult your doctor to find out the cause.


3-Hair Loss:

With PCOS, there is an increased production of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which accumulates in the roots of your scalp leading to hair loss. You might observe your manes coming down from your head at a faster rate than normal along with thinning of the overall thickness. This can also help you confirm the presence of PCOS.


4-Difficulty Getting Pregnant:

If you and your husband have been trying for long to conceive but the results are disappointing every time, the faulty element here might be PCOS. You can consult your doctor to find the answer for the question on how to cure PCOS naturally and get pregnant. Infertility is common with PCOS. This is because the lack of enough progesterone in the body causes eggs to be underdeveloped which turn into the form of cysts inside the ovary. The cysts in turn prevent fully developed eggs from reaching the fallopian tube for fertilization.


5-Fast Weight Gain:

If you experienced a sudden rise in the weighing scale, this might be because PCOS tends to increase body fat. This particular fat is especially concentrated around the upper body and abdomen area. When suffering from PCOS, losing those extra pounds can be a struggle. You might see your friends losing weight faster than you even with simple exercises, while you have to work twice as hard to achieve the same result.

A single symptom cannot effectively determine if you suffer from PCOS or not. However, doctors suggest that if you have three or more of these symptoms, you might be affected by PCOS. You can find out more about the diagnosis and causes of PCOS by visiting the website yourhealthsupport.in.

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