5 Tips On How To Never Miss On Connecting Flights

A traveler’s worst nightmare is to miss a connecting flight, which of course will lead to unplanned travel expenses and lot more. Also, it will get you unnecessary stress and you making calls and walking up and down making alternate arrangements. Not to you but it also gives stress to the members you are on a trip with. The reason behind this mishap can be many, it can either be due to a bad weather or because of unforeseen delays of the airline. Many times the situation comes due to poor planning of the travel. So here we are with certain tips to give the first time travelers on how to avoid missing connections. Follow them to never miss your connecting flight ever again.

5 Tips On How To Never Miss On Connecting Flights

It’s always good to have a map along, better Download!

If the airport you’ll catch connecting flight from is big or is new to you, then make sure you have it’s map downloaded on your smartphone. This way you’ll be successfully minimizing your chances of wasting time getting lost.

Avoid booking a tight connection

The basic rule will be never to book a connection that is 3 hours if traveling international and 2 hours if it’s domestic. Keep more duration of the connections if you are traveling with kids and persons with disability. If you are unable to look for the information on the online booking site then call the airline to talk to some live agent.

Try to sit in front

If you have a connection flight to catch always try to book a seat in front, this way you’ll be able to get off the aircraft early as you’ll be seating closer to the front door. If you have booked a seat which is far from the front gate, don’t expect sympathy from the other passengers as every one will have their own reason to rush and get down on the airplane. So avoid this rush situation and book a seat in the front row.

Keep Your Family Together

It is very important for all the members of the family to be extra cautious and alert if you have a connecting flight. So make sure that when you sit you guys are together, also for this you’ll have to book the tickets in the same row. This way you’ll take less time to find each other when you land and also it will be easy for you to reach the gate of the next flight.

Travel With Carry On Bags

It is better to pre-board as this will let you keep your bags in the front bin, near to your respective seats. If your baggage is not in front of you and is somewhere behind, it definitely will take time when you need to get off the plane. So here placing your bags behind will risk your delays, you’ll be spending more time finding and taking your baggage and this way you might get late to exit the plane in time and catch another.

So the above are some of the important points to keep in mind when booking

Always remember these tips if you are going to travel. In case you are traveling from the USA to the beautiful country of India, you might want to check this website for cheap flight tickets to India from the USA. The country has a lot of good travel destinations that you might want to go to. Enjoy your travels!