5 Top Stretch Mark Myths Busted

Stretch marks or scientifically striae are the white lesions that occur due to the rapid stretching formed in the skin. These stretch marks are usually developed during pregnancy, sudden weight loss or gain and in adolescence. For some people these stretch marks are invisible but for some they appear like deep scars which can be reddish, pinkish or even purplish but with the days passing by the color changes to white or silver.

There are so many myths surrounded around these stretch marks. Let’s just bust some of those myths and get the facts corrected.

5 Top Stretch Mark Myths Busted

Myth 1: Stretch Marks Occur Only in Women

Stretch marks are one of the natural effects in pregnancy and this is the reason why most of the people believe that they occur only in women. But the fact is that these stretch marks can occur in men also. The main reason for the occurrence of stretch marks is breakage of the elastin fibers present beneath your skin. The main reason for their breakage is rapid stretching in a very small amount of time.

Male Athletes and body builders are mainly prone to these stretch marks as they usually do a lot of stretching. When compared to women, men are less prone to stretch marks, but they will also get affected.


Myth 2: The main reason for stretch marks is only stretching

Stretching is obvious reason for the occurrence of stretch marks, but other than that there are some other reasons which cause these stretch marks.

The dermis layer in skin is very strong and provides good support for skin but some hormonal factors may become the reason for the prevention or decrease in the elastin fiber and collagen present in the dermis.

This reduces the ability of skin to withstand the stretching and hence the stretch marks are formed.

Myth 3: There is no prevention for Stretch Marks

The stretch marks can be prevented by taking necessary precautions, but your genes and the skin type plays a very important role in determining the formation.

The experts say to keep the skin ultra-hydrated while stretching it and mainly during the pregnancy.

There are some products available in the market like pure Shea butter, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter or some other essential oils. Regular exercising will help in tightening the skin thus preventing the stretch marks.

Myth 4: Stretch marks form only on stomach

Stretch marks can form in any place that has excess fat storage. Usually abdomen is one of the parts where huge fat is stored and this is the reason why mostly stretch marks are occurred there.

Some other body parts like breasts, calves, thighs, lower back, buttocks, elbow, upper arms and knee creases are also prone to stretch marks.

Myth 5: Skinny People do not fall prey for stretch marks

This is one of the most common myth regarding stretch marks. The main reason for the development of stretch marks is genetic and hormonal factors.

Regardless of age and weight of the body, anyone can get these stretch marks.

Final Word!

Stretch marks are as natural as your body and can occur to anybody. Though you can take precautions to avoid them, but they are not any disease.

If you already have them, consult your dermatologist for advice.


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