7 Common Side Effects of Snoring to our Body

What are the common side effects of snoring?

Snoring is not just a bad habit but a hazardous body malfunction. It affects our health on various direct and indirect levels. Well, it’s hard to actually rely on the fact when more than 20 percent of the world population snores with absolutely no problem. Well, it is.

7 Common Side Effects of Snoring to our Body

Generally, snoring is just tagged as an irritating attribute of the human sleep and was nothing more than that. But today, modern science has tapped into the great depths of our sleep. We have actually identified the cycle of sleeping and how snoring affects it.

Snoring happens in the second stage of our sleep cycle. When all our muscles are completely relaxed and our tongue collapses into our throat, buzzing the snoring sounds.

This being the prime factor there are other factors which result in the same condition-

Weight- Weight plays a significant factor to determine if a person snores or not. If you are overweight, then it’s obvious you will have more fat deposited in your throat area. Also, you will have a weak muscle tone. Thus, your throat muscles will face a sense of restriction resulting in snoring.

Nasal Problems- Any obstruction or infection in the nasal passage will result in an irregular supply of oxygen. Hence, making you snore.

Sleeping Posture- If you are a back sleeper, you are more prone to snoring. Sleeping on your back makes your throat muscles to fall back, resulting in a partial or complete blockage. Your body needs to apply some extra effort to suck in oxygen and make the bodywork. You can always stop, by changing sleeping postures. Side sleeping is a good option to quit snoring. If it doesn’t stop you can always get some anti snoring solutions to ease up the problem.

Snoring may or may not affect you directly, much of it depends on how much sleep you get. If you enjoy a long 8 to 9 hours of sleep then you will be fine, but if you can afford a short sleep, it may affect you severely.

Some of these side effects of snoring are listed below

7 Common Side Effects of Snoring to our Body

Stroke- Our carotid artery gets blocked by plaque due to heavy snoring. This blockage continuously narrows down the artery resulting in a blockage and ultimately a stroke.

Issues for pregnant women- women who are expecting, needs a continuous flow of oxygen. Snoring on the other hand limits the supply and the body has to exert more pressure just to get oxygen rather than repertory work. This affects both mother and the child.

Arrhythmias- Arrhythmias is the condition of irregular pumping of blood by the heart muscles. This is a common side effect or snoring as snoring cuts the air supply, slowing down the pumping function.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GRD)- GRD is the most popular side effect of snoring. It’s the condition when the ingested food is pulled back due to abnormal opening and closing of the esophageal tract.   

These are some of the most common side effects any heavy snorer may experience.  You can always avail some snoring solutions to get rid of the discomfort.