How to install a Window Air Conditioner?

Buying an AC is not difficult, the tricky part here is the installation task which one cannot do unless and until someone is used to it or can either take help from a professional. Firstly you need to consider the following points when you are looking to hire a professional to install an Air Conditioner:

  • Experienced
  • Skilled
  • Reliable
  • Flexible

To start with, know what kind of an Air Conditioner you have brought is it a Window or a Split AC. Here in this article, we will tell you how to install a Window Air conditioner.

What is a Window Air conditioner?

Window Air Conditioners are also known as Room ACs. These are the most common ACs which provide cool air, be it two rooms or an office cabin. These are also termed as Low Cost, energy efficient and some even call it as easy to install Air Conditioners.

You can refer this article where I will be guiding through the process of installation. But before getting ahead I would suggest you to visit Dialjordan, a search engine that can help you find professionals when looking for A/C installations in Bangalore.

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How to install?

  • Select the location of installation: It depends a lot on the location where the AC is put up for installation. The most recommended place to install an AC would be the either in the center of the room and on that side of the house where there is enough shade.

ACs which are located on the hot side requires time to provide cool air in the room.

  • Check the size of the room: These types of ACs come in different sizes, some might be small while some being huge. Therefore, one should choose the best suited for the room and also provide cool air to all parts of the room. If the air flow is not right in the room, then sometimes you have to blame the number of people in the room as well.
  • Inspect the Surroundings: You need to keep various measures in mind before installing an AC in your room. Firstly, keep in mind whether the window has any damage or rots which might trouble the AC in mounting.

The main thing to consider while inspecting is to keep fire safety in mind as an air conditioner can block the emersion of fire, especially when there is only one window in a room.


  • Place the unit:  Next up is to place the unit in the window, all you need to do is keep the window open and not have any disturbance of an object which gets in between the unit and the window. Try installing it with brackets, most of the air conditioners come along with a kit that includes window extensions and mounting brackets. If your window is not wide enough, then buy a bracket that attaches the unit and to the outer side of the wall. Then read the Manufacturer’s manual to know how to level the unit and try not placing the AC in a tilt position.

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Next is seal the window pane which helps in preventing any movement from the unit. On the inside, you can use the weatherstripping given by the manufacturer and next seal the perimeter.

  • Start using it: And the final step is to switch the AC and start using it. I would recommend you to go for those which have a label of energy efficiency rating on them. These ratings save electricity and also help in lowering the bills.

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