Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

Traveling to the USA is a dream come true for many. However, as much as it is an inspiring prospect, it can cost you a lot of money as well. With costly flights, hotel stays and transport within the cities, your wallet s likely to be empty far earlier than you planned. Don’t be alarmed by the huge budget of the trip though. We are here with some valuable tips and tricks that will help you save money and enjoy an entire trip to the USA on a low budget. Follow these tips to save a lot of money on your travels and enjoy a cost friendly, stress-free trip.

Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

Booking the right flight

The trip starts with the right flight. You will find that there are a lot of airlines that cater to you. However, not all have the same budget. Don’t faint when looking at the cost of your tickets because transatlantic travel is bound to cost a lot. However, you can still save some big bucks if you are cautious and have a good plan.

  1. Connecting flights

The first trick is to look for connecting flights. These flights have a stop in between and a stay for a specific amount of time. Although, you do have to endure the discomfort of waiting for a lot of hours at a foreign airport, every hour of weight helps you reduce the total cost of your ticket. Certain destinations, like a ticket via Iceland is much more budget friendly than a direct fight.

  1. East coast travelling

If you prefer not to wait extra time at a foreign destination, we advise you to go for east coast travel. These tickets can be £200 cheaper than a flight via west coast travel. You can use this amount in any number of ways and reduce your travel cost considerably.

Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

  1. Avoid peak time travelling

Moreover, you should try and travel outside of the peak months as the fares are reduced at these times. The best month to travel in September, both in terms of weather and cost.

  1. Book tickets in advance

We recommend booking at least two months in advance. Planning your vacation ahead of time will help you scrape the best deals on air travel. Many airlines offer discounts months in advance. Plus, the usual fares of tickets are lower if you book a ticket in advance as compared to booking your ticket immediately. Use these many ways to considerably lower the total cost of your air travel.

Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

When traveling to the USA you also need to have all your documents at all times. You need to know who needs to apply for the ESTA when traveling to the USA. If your stay is for less than 90 days you will need a regular visa or an ESTA authorization document to legalize your travel. The authority gives you plenty of time to fill the documents with all the vital information which you have to submit at least 5 days prior to your flight. You can apply for the ESTA online. Once you file the correct information, the site mails it to the US Department of Homeland Security for verification and registrations so that you are authenticated and free to travel.

Hotel Bookings

Of course, once you arrive within the states, you need a place to stay. Hotel fares can be y high and unless you want to end up on the streets you need to search up a reasonable hotel. The first thing to do is decide whether you want to stay at a hotel or a shared apartment. Here we describe some tips which will help you enjoy the states at a rent that is a fraction of the usual hotel stay cost.

Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

  1. Rent a room

Instead of opting for a hotel try out a shared or own room. There are many apps on the internet that help to find rental rooms for visitors. Airbnb is one app that you can use to rent a room at a fraction of the cost and choose a desired place to stay in a room that you like.

  1. Opt for a shared room

If you are travelling with a friend or some family, ask them to stay in a shared room. This will considerably lower the expenses for each person. Yes, it can be a little tricky when you are trying to enjoy some privacy, but you do get to cut down half the cost of your stay in the USA.

Travelling around

Now that you are settling in place and all set to enjoy the beautiful country, the next major cost comes up in the form of travel. Travelling from one place to another, even within the city can be costly. Use these tips to make sure that you have the best travel experience at the lowest cost.

Budget Travel USA, Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

  1. Rent a car

A car rental will help you get to your destination the fastest. However, the gas as well as the insurance is costly. One way to get around this is by opting for cheap car rental services. Certain apps help you to find cheap cars that serve your purpose at a fraction of the original cost.

  1. Use a bus or the train

If you are looking for the cheapest way to travel, public transportation is your answer. Yes, it isn’t the fanciest way to travel but it does the job and helps you get to your destination for a very low cost. You also get to see many important sites along the way as well as earn reward points that you can cash in later.

All of these little tips will help you plan your trip to the USA on a tight budget. They are not too complex. You just need to evaluate every step of the way and choose budget-friendly options. Following the tips above will significantly reduce the total cost of your travels so that you can thoroughly enjoy your visit to the USA.