Does Getting Tattoo on The Skin Hurts?

Tattoo and Emerging Fashion

Does Getting Tattoo on The Skin Hurts?

Tattooing has become the most emerging fashion in the world today. People get tattooed their body for inviting looks. It is a kind of body decorating art and has a very long history. Although it is an emerging fashion, it involves a little hurt while having a tattoo on the skin. I’m going to tell you a little story about myself how I felt while and after getting a tattoo on my skin.

If you are looking to find an answer to a question Does having tattoo hurts? This article genuinely suits the best for you. Well, it pretty much depends on the following:

  1. The part of your body you’ve chosen for the tattoo.
  2. Your endurance.
  3. How badly you want to get inked.


The last point is very important as in my case, I was ready to endure any amount of pain just to get that pretty thing on my body. So, that really got me going. After getting a tattoo you have to perform all your day and night routines in the normal manners. You have to do your jobs, day work, workouts, and lastly, sleep at night. Read how to sleep with a new tattoo at night will help you a lot.

I got my first tattoo on the back of my neck and to be honest, it didn’t hurt much. I mean, yeah, it will hurt you but not as much as people say.

Does Getting Tattoo on The Skin Hurts?
This is my first tattoo – fresh and new.

I was nervous AF, of course. I still remember -they asked me to tie back my hair as I sat on the couch, trembling.

Then, they turned on their instrument (don’t know what it’s called) and man! I was scared to bits. FYI, the tattoo instrument sounds exactly like a drilling machine. Don’t freak out, at least try not to. It’s okay.

I felt a prick when it touched my skin at the start, but then gradually, I didn’t feel anything. Seriously speaking, I don’t get why people hype the pain.

Have you ever cut yourself with a blade or knife or any sharp object? First there’s a wound, which burns. After a couple of days, the healing starts and a hard scab forms over it. The area gets a little itchy. Then finally, the scab falls off and there’s new skin beneath! Same is the case for tattoos.

Initially, the area will be red and swollen. It will burn a little, not much. But, you have to take care of it very meticulously.

Here’s how I took care of my tattoo without getting infected:

  1. Immediately after the process is over, the tattoo artist will wipe the area and cover it with cotton.
  2. Remove it after 1 hour.
  3. Wash it with a mild soap – Dove, or Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion.
  4. Apply Fucidin Cream on top of it in a thin layer.
  5. Avoid wetting the area with water or any liquid for at least a week.


Does Getting Tattoo on The Skin Hurts?
My second tattoo

This photo is right after I got inked. See, it’s still red.

However, if you are planning to get tattoo-ed on – say collar bone, or the elbow region, or at the side of your ankle – it might hurt more than usual. Why? Because there’s not much flesh in those areas and mainly skin.

Even so, please don’t stop yourself from getting inked. Trust me, it’s worth a shot.

See how pretty it looks!

Does Getting Tattoo on The Skin Hurts?

And by the way, it hurts way lesser than piercings. I am telling this from personal experience.

So what are you waiting for? Go get inked!! Don’t forget to share your photos with me!!