5 Rookie Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Designing a Logo

Don’t Make These Mistakes While
Designing Logo For Your Photography

A logo is something that helps in distinguishing one business from the other. Logo can prove to be a very important tool in the photography business. It will help in providing a recall value and clients would be able to relate with your work. Logo designing is a creative process and if you are in photography business then you must design the logo in such a manner that it can immediately grab the attention of masses. However, it is commonly seen that people make a lot of mistakes while designing a logo. So, if you are looking for a perfect logo design for your photography business then skip the inappropriate methods. Here you will get a complete idea about the mistakes that you should surely avoid.

These are the mistakes that you should surely avoid while designing the logo for your photography business


1. Usage of inappropriate colors

Wrong color selection can lead to a really bad looking logo. You may be fond of bright colors but it does not mean that they would look good at all times. Colors have a direct link in evoking emotions and thus you should be very clear that what type of message you want to convey through your logo. If more than one color is being used then always make sure that all the colors you are using should go well with each other. It should not look that the colors have been integrated without any meaning or in an inappropriate way. Here you can read how colors can affect the core message of your logo.

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2. Copying the logos of other entities

People will judge you for the originality factor and this is a proven fact. Never ever copy other entity’s logo. Involving in any sort of plagiarism will tarnish your own business reputation. There is a difference in getting inspired and copying. You can see various logos to get an idea but don’t copy any logo as it is. Try to create a logo that truly represents your photography business and think out of the box so that you can have a unique logo design.


3. Lack of vision and creativity

Try to break your old pattern of thinking and think in a creative way. You should think of a way that can help your photography business logo stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget that this logo would be used everywhere like on photos, your business’s website, signage, visiting cards, hoardings etc. So, if versatility is lacking on the design front then the logo would never be a perfect one. Experiment with different font styles, colors, images etc and never be in a hurry to decide. Finalize few samples that you think are the best and you can consult the trusted
members of your team for an ultimate opinion. At the end choose the logo that everyone feels is the best.


4. Too much complexity

Sometimes people want to be highly creative while designing the logo. But at the same time, they forget that too many things put together may actually create a design blunder. It is really good to be creative, but the logo should not look overstuffed and complicated. Try to keep it simple yet highly impressive. A complicated design will fail in attracting the attention of the potential clients and thus don’t fall into the trap of exaggerating things.


5. Not opting for professional help

Many people who are in photography business think that they know every aspect of logo designing. It may be the same case with you as well. This perception is wrong. You may know the best tactics for your business but when the question is related to logo designing then you may face a lot of confusion. There is no harm in taking professional help. There are lots of sources in the marketplace that excel in the field of logo designing. In case of confusion and when you are desperately seeking guidance, contact a professional logo designer. Just by spending few bucks you may get the logo that you always wanted to have for your photography business. Or if your budget is limited, you can also try Canva’s photography logo maker tool for getting some unique logo designs you can opt with a little customization.


These are the most common mistakes that people make while designing the logo for a photography business. If you are planning to have an unparalleled logo then the information shared here will guide you at each step. So, utilize this piece of advice and it is assured that you will have the best logo for your photography business.

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