Export Email and Attachments from IBM / Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

Know How to Export Email and Attachments from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook


Read this article to learn how to export email and attachments from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. The entire process of Lotus Notes to Outlook migration is mentioned in detail. Besides this, an automated solution for performing migration of IBM Notes to Ms Outlook has also been discussed. Before preceding this, let us explore some reasons to migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook.


Reasons for Moving Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook


There are so many reasons due to which users want to move their emails and attachments from Lotus Notes application. Let us have a look:


  • Provide training to novice users of IBM Notes

It takes lots of time to provide training to a non-tech user on Lotus Notes. It is an advanced email application and it becomes very important that employees must be trained properly. But training providing to every new employee in an organization will not always be easy.


  • Involve high installation & management cost

Most of the organizations have to go through an unwanted investment to maintain IBM Notes. Every year they will not admire such practice in the long term. In actual fact, it does not prove to be the favorable option for any organization.


These days each organization wants to abandon an email client program due to higher communication expenses. Outlook is the most popular mail client that reduces the overall expenses, possesses excellent  features and also helps to fulfill the needs of an organization.


Manual Way to Export Email and Attachments from Lotus Notes to Outlook

Go through the following steps which are further categorized. Follow both steps very carefully to make it easier for users to understand:

  1. Convert Lotus Notes Email Files
  2. Then, import exported file in MS Outlook


1) Convert IBM Notes Email Files

    • First of all, you must open Lotus Notes email application
    • Then, click on “Mail” tab
    • Navigate to “File” from the menu bar
    • Now, click on “Export” button to start the “Export” wizard
    • Once the “Export” wizard appears, you will receive many options to select the format for exported file from IBM Lotus Notes
    • Select the “Tabular Text” or “Structured Text;” these  two file formats are supported by MS Outlook
    • Press “Continue” button to go through the export procedure


  • Click “Export” option to end the wizard and convert the email file


2) Import converter mail file in MS Outlook

  • Open MS Outlook application
  • Click on “File” menu and, then choose “Import and Export” option
  • Select “Next” button after the “Import and Export” window gets opened
  • Choose the file format you select to export that file as. You can either select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” or “Tab Separated Values (Windows
  • Press “Next.”button
  • Go through the “Export” wizard, choose and browse a file exported from IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Click on “Finish” button.


A Reliable Way to Move Mail from Lotus Notes to Outlook

In case, if the manual process does not work fine then, users can opt for an automated solution. One such application is MailPro+ Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. It is an amazing utility that is designed especially to export email messages into different file formats. It offers an advanced search option to filter out all the evidences from emails. One can easily use this software as it provides an easy-to-use interface that even a non-technical user can also use it. Moreover, it can preview email data along with attachments in just a few number of clicks. Other special features of the tool are listed below:


  • Equips an option for recursive listing during data conversion
  • Offers Search feature for filtering the evidences from emails
  • Keeps folder and sub folder hierarchy intact after migration
  • Allows to Create & Save collection for safe mailbox management
  • Automatically search & export email messages with attachments
  • Tool provides an Option to save all activities for further usage
  • Option to customize the emails according to users requirement


Final Words

Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook supports different formats, so migration from one platform to another is not an easy task. In addition, there can be any possible situation due to which everyone wants to switch from IBM Notes to Outlook application. Therefore, to make it more convenient for end users, we have highly recommended a trouble-free solution, i.e., MailPro+ Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter.  It is one of the best solutions that helps to export email and attachments from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook in bulk. Also, we have discussed some advanced features of the tool in an absolute way.

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