Health Guide: Is Your AC Making You Sick?

Air conditioners are beneficial because they help people who have been diagnosed with allergies and asthma because it conveniently filters out dust and pollen. Furthermore, these systems clean out air and dry out humidity thus allowing users to breathe in very clean air and also prevent them from getting over-run by undesirable heat stroke. However, for air conditioning systems to be useful and efficient, it is important that they are well-maintained by regular checks and cleaning. If this fails to happen then users will start experiencing infections and breathing problems.


AC and molds


Molds are essentially tiny fungi, they are found in the same family as mushrooms and yeast. They do well in damp organic environments. The most dangerous type of molds is those that are air-borne thus not visible. Molds like to invade air conditioner units, from where they easily spread to cause negative effects on the inhabitants’ health.


Health consequences


There are some health consequences that are associated with the incorrect use or maintenance of AC, they include the following:


#1 Breathing problems


Air conditioners can be a good breeding ground for all strains of fungi and bacteria if the filters fail to be changed and the systems are not properly cleaned. They can host black mold particularly if moisture is left to accumulate in the coils and ducts, this is usually from condensation when cool air is passing through. Many breathing problems develop when the microorganisms get airborne resulting in Legionnaire’s disease and infectious pneumonia.


#2 Fatigue and headaches


Many people feel unusually tired, have headaches and malaise after a typical working day. However, after they depart their work building most of these symptoms die down. This can be caused by air conditioning. The best way to manage this is by slightly raising the temperature to stop shivering as well as taking regular office breaks to get some fresh air and allow your body temperature to return to normal.


#3 Prevention


The following are some ways of preventing your AC from making you sick:


  • Always clean up water damage urgently so as to prevent mildew and mold from growing in your home.
  • Hire professionals to eliminate any signs of mildew and mold, which already exist to prevent your AC from circulating them. They should be properly cleaned out, properly ventilated and exposed to sunlight.
  • It is good practice to hire professionals like aircon service Singapore to perform AC tune-ups at least annually. This service also entails proper cleaning out of evaporator coils in addition to ensuring there is no condensate leak.


Professionals are best suited to do the cleaning because they have the expertise to do so.




The above insightful information clearly shows that the sickness associated with air conditioners is because of the presence of mold. New air conditioning technologies as well as regular AC maintenance are the best solutions for preventing your unit from making you sick. These will ensure that your office or home is not a breeding ground for any illness. Is your AC making you sick? It can but only if it is not cleaned and maintained.

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