4 Best Ideas to Decorate the Garden

Garden Glam 101: Decoration

4 Best Ideas to Decorate the Garden

Gone are the days where the ideal garden décor is a few lawn chairs and a parasol. People are buying into the trend of decorating the rest of the outdoor space with innovative and modern elements that make the garden a comfortable and stylish place not just for you, but also family and friends that will visit.

How would you glam up your garden, you might ask? Read below for some tips.

Adding Mystery Through Privacy

4 Best Ideas to Decorate the Garden


A personal garden in your home is your small escape from the world; a place you can take in some fresh air as well as some peace and quiet to think. We’ll need to emphasize the word “personal” by providing some privacy to this little world you will build.

A fence with wooden trellises around the garden to enclose the area would be a good start. Take advantage of the air of mystery when others see the lush greens inside your fence. Igniting curiosity is what would make people be engaged in entering your private space.

If you want a more natural feel, you can add cylindrical wooden posts that reach the ceiling. You can hang pots with some climbing vines and flowers in this wooden post, which would make use of it as a vertical garden.

If it’s in the summer and you want to control shade, you can consider adding drapes that can be moved as you see fit to block out the shade. Just remember to take them out once the rainy season arrives if you use fabric.

On a terrace, balcony, or in the same garden, the use of the best pergolas gives a more modern touch. If you are leaning towards a more avant-garde style, the terrace pergolas make each corner look more beautiful and outstanding. They have the ability to enhance simple spaces into relaxing nooks.

Lighting It Up

4 Best Ideas to Decorate the Garden


Practicality aside, manipulated lighting is an affordable option when decorating. LED strip lights and LED Mini Lights (a non-holiday version of Christmas lights) are the usual go-to options given their versatility of use, minimal risk of fire/short-circuiting even when exposed to rain.  These usually dangle from branches, wrapped around trunks or poles, and layered to flat surfaces such as walls and fences.

If you have money to burn, you can also opt for lights that have dimmers so that you can control the brightness to accommodate certain moods and needs.

If you are into the dramatic or romantic side of things and are capable of dealing with potential hazards, candle stands/vase/jars and torches are also an option. They are nice to have since they can be easily repositioned. Just be careful of handling fire.

And if you are into being more environmentally friends, you can make use of solar LED lamps. Charge them during the day, make them illuminate the night with a pleasant light.

Choosing Fitting Centerpieces

4 Best Ideas to Decorate the Garden


Now we come to the part when you ditch the generic lawn apparel and adopt some flair. To pick a material would depend on your personal preference and the amount of money you would be willing to spend. Be considerate of where these pieces fit, and if they go along with the general theme you apply for your garden.

One item to also account for is where you are located and how variable is the weather. For example, if you live in an area where it is often raining, you can’t just place a crafted item from driftwood in an open area as it will be more prone to swelling and easily deteriorate with the weather. Best pick material that will be highly resistant to weather for at least 5-10 years.

Items made from wood pallets have a good lifespan as far as materials go. They are adaptable since you can easily make them to size and have a rustic and chic feel to them if done right.  Other materials that can be used for furniture are wicker, rattan, cast iron, and aluminum.

Accessorize For The Finishing Touch

4 Best Ideas to Decorate the Garden

The other steps now are done, you now find yourself wondering how to infuse more of your individuality to the garden.

Textiles can be items you can consider, more so when done with natural fibers. Tie-dyed, mandalas, or geometric figures can provide a good contrast to the greenery. Avoid using colors that will defeat the purpose of relaxation.

If it’s in a warm or cloudy weather, carpets can also be used for the added cozy feeling. Best if you have designs based on representations of nature.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a garden without the appropriate plants. Pick flowers that would fit the mood your garden wants to represent. Potted or implanted, would not matter much if placed in desirable locations that would not make it look “cramped”.

Lastly, what does remind people of life? Water, of course. Although take good mind to empty out these water ornaments come mosquito season to help you ward off potential disease.

From  aquatic gardens (where there are aquatic or marsh plants) fountains, and even fish ponds (depending if your funds and lifestyle can sustain them). A grotto in a small pool is also a go-to option if you are on the more religious side of the spectrum or just want a place to clear your mind.

As a parting word, decorating done in moderation is the best way to beautify your garden. You do not want to put too much that it starts taking away the main feature of the garden. Remember, your garden is not an extension of your house into nature, rather, it is a part of nature you choose to preserve in your home.