Reasons Why It Is a Must to Experience Dubai Desert Safari

You might be thinking why should we experience the Dubai Desert Safari?

One of the similarities of most if not all the Middle East countries are their wide field of sand or deserts. United Arab Emirates is not different, the seven emirates consisting UAE also has its share of the desert.

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When one thinks of a desert, the first thing that will come to mind is the heat of the sun that burns your skin, with no water to find and drink, no shade to cover you from the blazing heat, endless field with of sand. Some movies even portray that you might die when left alone in the desert.

That may be possible in some cases, but one should also not underestimate the fun that a desert can give. Especially if you experience Dubai desert safari, you will never look or think about the desert the same way again.


Desert Outdoor Activities

Reasons Why It Is a Must to Experience Dubai Desert Safari

Our first reason for urging you to experience Dubai Desert Safari is the numerous activities that you can try once you’re in the desert. The vast field is a perfect playground for all thrill seekers and drivers.

You can bring your 4×4 ride and drive along the endless desert dunes of Dubai or you can join a tour which includes Dune Bashing. There are many tours offering to experience Dubai Desert Safari. Here are a few lists.

Desert Safari Tour and BBQ Dinner

Desert Safari Tour with Quad bike and Camel Ride

Overnight Desert Safari Tour

Another great activity to try is the sand boarding. This activity has pretty much the same concept as surfboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding and other board activities. You get on a board made for sandboarding, and then you slide down a slope and experience the rush while skimming through the sand. The higher the slope, the better your experience will be.

Note: Always proceed with caution, the said activity might be for all but it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit cautious to avoid injuries.

There are other activities that you can try aside from the two mentioned activity above. This includes ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride and the camel ride which differs per tour operator.


Experience the Arabic Coffee and Cuisines

One of the first things that come to mind every time a tourist goes to a new place is food. Every traveler seeks new food to taste or at least try eating cuisines from a foreign country.

Dubai has lots of cuisines to offer to its visitors which you can try once you avail any of the tours to experience Dubai desert safari. This includes BBQ buffet dinner and vegetarian dishes, you’ll also get to try their famous fruit which is the Dates.

Another favorite in Dubai is the Arabic Coffee which is a blend boiled in a tin or small pot. This coffee is famous in the Arab region and is mostly combined with different spices, you can also add sugar to it but most people from what I read don’t add any sugar in it.


Admire the Desert

This is something that most people who come in to experience Dubai desert safari seem to miss. Admiring the refined all natural sand formation of the desert. This seemingly endless view of nothing but sand may sound plain, but if viewed at a high place it might look different.

These sand slopes differ day by day and the feeling of putting your feet inside the sand is somewhat fascinating. Most tourists forget to admire the said desert mainly due to the fact that once you arrive by tours to the place, one’s attention will be taken by the different activities that you can do inside the camp.

I’m not saying that it is not good to try all the activities, I’m urging you to try all the free things inside the camp and all the added activities outside the vicinity as well. What I’m suggesting is that you take a minute of your time to just stop by and look at the desert.

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Try it while admiring the sunset as well, the sunset compliments the desert which makes it much more beautiful to see during this time of the day and most of the tour to experience Dubai desert safari happens around mid-afternoon up to late night.

If ever you find yourself in Dubai for the holidays or for work, try to find some time to experience Dubai desert safari. A piece of advice, don’t take the cheapest tour as you’ll definitely get the cheapest experience as well. Do a little research to find which tour is the best to take.

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