Top 5 Best Streaming Websites

Selecting The Best Streaming Service For You


Almost everyone has Cable TV installed at home, lots of shows, movies, and whatnot. The problem here is that you follow a defined schedule of viewing.

Missed your favorite show or movie without a recording device to help you? Tough luck, you’ll have to wait for the re-run timeslot. Want to watch a show abroad but not yet available in your country? You have to wait until the cable company gets the rights to broadcast. Want to watch an uncut or uncensored version of a show? Good luck finding one.

Another issue is that since smartphones became popular, watching shows or movies while on the go has become a thing. Generally, you can’t take your cable TV with you.

Lastly, people want to watch uninterrupted or pause on their own terms. Cable TV doesn’t afford that kind of freedom.

Here enter the various streaming services popping up all over. For a regular fee, users are granted access to recorded shows, archived movies, exclusive and updated content. These streaming services can be accessed on Smart TV’s, Smarthphones, Tablets, PC’s or on streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and Apple TV among many others. Some even offer downloadable content so that you can watch offline.

With that said, choosing the right streaming services for your brand of entertainment would be troublesome. Fret not, here are some of our suggested sites for your consideration:


#1 Hulu – Well-Rounded Viewing Experience

If you are the type who has a lot of interests and is looking to integrate regular TV viewing to your stream selections, Hulu may be the one for you.

Apart from original shows, they also offer channel surfing on channels you usually find on Antenna/Cable TV with the advantage of not having region-locked channels (example: Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.). As a standard of streaming services, you can look into the show history if you missed out on certain shows or would like to rerun/binge watch some recent episodes.

For the price they offer, you may miss out on some of the exclusivity some of the other services bring, but it makes up for the coverage of service. A jack-of-all-trades for good value.


#2 Netflix – Exclusives Galore

If you are aiming to be among the streaming elite, Netflix has you covered with its seemingly-endless lineup of exclusive shows for their platform. Netflix sets the standard in quality streaming services which nets you a good bang for your buck.

This is the perfect platform to do continuous binge watches on long weekends since it suggests shows for you to check out based on your viewing history. With it’s varied genre’s you’ll never run out of things to watch that suits your liking.

Whether it’s popular shows, exclusive series, blockbuster films, or even documentaries, Netflix has your tastes covered content-wise.


#3 Amazon Prime Video – Entertainment Buffet

If your tastes lean towards general entertainment, you can look to Amazon Prime Video to fill your needs. With this service, you can rent, buy, or instantly watch your favorite movies, original programming and TV Shows all from the comfort of your device. And thanks to an agreement with Viacom – A multinational media conglomerate which manages Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central – The fun-packed streaming service is set to offer the best of comedy selection and children favorites than any other competitor.

Moreover, the streaming service also provides access to the extensive collection of HBO’s classics amongst thousands of popular titles from the across the globe.


#4 HBO Now – Movie-Quality Original Content

 If you are one after proven quality production brands, HBO Now has what you need.  HBO Now, offers subscribers and customers alike an extensive and exclusive access to their original on-air content without paying for additional charges in cable packages.

Through this service you will be able to enjoy HBO’s impressive catalog of homerun Movies and TV Shows such as” Game of Thrones” and “Westworld”, in addition to classics such as  “Entourage” and “The Wire.” This is in addition to the regular movie lineups you see on their cable channel.


#5 Sling TV – TV Service: Anytime. Anywhere.

If you are one to just tune in to TV from say, the comfort of your bed or in transit, Sling TV might just be in your alley.  Sling TV offers subscribers, a customized live-viewing service for traditional cable packages.

Sling TV provides a budget subscription service that can serve as cable replacement offering more content with no loss in quality or value. Basically, you get Cable TV that is suited to your interests that you can play from any applicable device that can support this.


Overall, Hulu is a safe choice for beginners on the streaming services as far as the coverage is concerned, we invite you to try the listed services out considering most of them offer free trials.

Everything mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you find the right service for you based on your interests, your viewing experience will be the best you’ll ever have.

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