Things to Know when Visiting Zoo in Delhi India

Delhi Zoo is one of the main attraction of the National Capital of India. A perfect place for hangout, for kids as well as for adults. It is located beside Old Fort, on Mathura road. Delhi Zoological park has been of tourist interest for many decades as it was opened in 1959. Kids visit here often along with their parents mostly, sometimes a whole school trip can be seen here. The zoo covers a huge protected around 176 acres of land and small bodies of water. There are a wide variety of birds, animals, and reptiles. Chidiya Ghar is neatly divided into categories for the visitors. The zoo consists of more than 130 species.


Delhi Zoological Park General Information

The park is spread over a big area and it is situated at the center of City. You can find a wide variety of flowers and trees in the zoo campus. The authorities are playing their part to protect the ecosystem here by deploying a noise and pollution free battery operated vehicles for visitors. People can take a ride in one of these vehicles or they can simply cover it by walking. By vehicle, it takes around 1 hour while it takes 2-3 hours if you walk around the whole area. Before making a plan to this park, it is important to know about the Delhi zoo timings.

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Almost everyone will find their animal of interest as it is the house of many species. We can name a few such as Lion, Tiger, Hippo, Giraffe, Crocodile, Bear, Hyena, Cobra, Python, Hornbill, Macaw, etc. The Birds section and Reptiles Section is present separately and it attracts people a lot. Delhi Zoo is loved by people of all the ages and the best time to visit would be during Early hours of the day. It is mostly quiet during that time, also the weather is quite pleasant too. Holidays and weekends are the busy days, and the busiest would be between Christmas and new year.


Delhi Zoo Useful Visitor Information


The Zoological Park of Delhi opens for whole week except Fridays. The Zoo stays closed on 26 January, 15 August and 2 October, Indian National Holidays. There are two timings based on the weather. It opens at 9 AM in Summer (1 April to 15 October) and closes at 4:30 PM. During Winters (16 October to 31 March), Zoo opens at 9:30 Am and closes at 4 PM. The entry fee is Rs 40 for Indians and 200 Rs for Foreigners. Kids (below 5 year or 3 feet) can enter with Guardians or Parents with paying any fee. It makes Delhi Zoo an economical picnic spot as well.

One can go for walks during weekends and Holidays in such a lovely environment. Authorities have maintained its greenery very well and you will find tree species names on almost every tree. It has reptile house and Birds section situated within the campus. For the different species of Primates, different enclosures are present there.

The location of Delhi Zoo is very prime and the view of Purana Qila is very good from here. One can cover both Purana Qila and Zoo in a single day. India Gate is also few minutes of drive away, another famous place to visit.

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