Top 10 Horror Movies of All the Time

Since last few decades, horror movies are considered most attractive and suspensive because of scary and creepy scenes. People always wonder for the thrill and suspense in the movies that are mostly found in horror movies with creepy sounds and scenes. A film industry always works hard on horror movies to get appreciation from the people who watch these movies whether in cinemas, theatres or you can watch movies online at 123 Movies site. Here is the list of the most horror movies of all the time.

10# Demon

‘Demon’ is a Polish horror movie and the story revolves around a boy, Piotr, and a Polish woman, Zaneta, and they were going to marry. Once, Piotr was digging in the yard of a large rural estate and he found a skeleton and did not mention this incident in front of anyone. He was haunted by a vision of a woman in wedding dress whose name was Hana. At the wedding ceremony, the spirit of Hana possessed him and the Zaneta’s family distracted the guests from it by vodka and loud music. Piotr was locked in basement and a teacher understood that Piotr is speaking Yiddish and he is being possessed by spirit of Hana and he knew that Hana was a girl who suddenly disappeared.

9# The Invitation

‘The Invitation’ is an American horror movie that is all about an invitation to the dinner party. For the dinner party, the guests are invited and a man feels that his ex-wife and her current husband planned something evil and sinister for the guests of the dinner party. The movie is full of suspense because, they cannot judge that which thing is real what imaginary happening to them is.

8# The Descent

‘The Descent’ is a British horror movie and it is one of the best horror movies of all the time. The story of the movie is about a girl, Sarah, who passes through a severe emotional trauma and goes to journey to discover caves in North Carolina with friends. They learn that they are not alone when the women find strange cave paintings and the strange breed of predators was attacking them.

7# The Omen

‘The Omen’ is an English supernatural horror film that is about a family and a child. Robert, an American diplomat, who adopts Damien when his wife, Katherine, delivers a stillborn child. Father of Robert warns him will kill Katherine’s unborn child when Damien’s nanny hangs herself. Robert’s father dies and Katherine loses her child when Damien pushes her from a balcony. When, people around Damien start to die, Robert investigates and got that Damien is Antichrist.

6# Paranormal Activity

‘Paranormal Activity’ is a supernatural horror movie with huge suspense and thrill. The movie is all about a couple, Micah and Katie. They move to a new house and Katie believes that some spirits have been following her since childhood. She could not convince Micah. Micah agrees to Katie after strange voices and paranormal activities in the house. When paranormal researcher could not help them, then Micah takes the charge of the situation and puts the cameras in the house that they can observe the behavior of the ghost.

5# The House of the Devil

This is a horror American movie that revolves around a college student, Samantha, who wants to move to a new apartment. She finds a mysterious job of babysitting at Mr. Ulman’s House. When she goes to the house, she comes to know that there is no child but she has to take care of his mother instead. She explores that his employer has some evil sinister plans to use her alive or dead.

4# REC

‘Rec’ is Spanish footage horror movie and the story revolves around a TV host and a woman. Angela, TV Host, follows the fire service on a call to an apartment building. Spanish police seals off the building and woman stuck inside the building. She is infected by a virus and gets some inhuman powers.

3# The Others

‘The Others’ is a supernatural horror movie and the story of the movie revolves around the woman, Grace who is the mother of Anne and Nicholas. She moves her family to an English coast during World War 2. Anne tells her mother that she sees ghosts but her mother feels that it is some trick by new servants but events and visions make her believe that there is something supernatural.

2# The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2’ is an American supernatural horror movie that is based on the existence of supernatural spirits. It revolves around the paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine, who travel to north London. They meet a single mother of four children who claims that there is something evil in her home. Investigators believe her story because of signs of demonic possession on the youngest daughter. You can also visit to know more about the latest horror movies belong to Nigeria

1# The Witch

‘The Witch’ is a horror movie that is full of thrill and suspense. The family were fully depressed when the youngest Samuel disappears and they blamed Thomasin, the oldest daughter, who were watching the boy when he disappears. Twin siblings, Mercy & Jonas suspect the Thomasin of witchcraft. The story of the movie is most thrilling and full of suspense. 

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