Top 5 Home Remedies For Flea Bites

Affordable Home Remedies for Flea Bites

Flea bite is not a strange problem for any pet lovers. Whenever you start raising a pet, you should be ready to cope with flea infestation, not only in your house but also in your own body as well. These small, red dots in lines are so uncomfortable that you feel itchy and terrible all over the time. Fortunately, right in your lovely house, you can find some ideal materials as home remedies for flea bites.


Wrap some cubes of ices into a towel, then apply it to the flea bites. Never apply directly as ice can burn your skin.

Aloe Vera

For a long time, Aloe Vera has been well known as an amazing ingredient in the beauty industry; however, more than a cosmetic product, Aloe Vera can play as a good anti-inflammatory agent. That is the reason why when bitten by fleas or any other insects, just apply aloe vera gel to the bites. After several minutes, your itchy feeling will be eased.

Green tea

Make use of tea bags after using, have you ever taken it into consideration? If not yet, it’s time because tea bags can help soothe your pain. All you need to do is put the used bags directly on the bitten areas. In addition, you can boil green tea leaves, wash your bites everyday, and enjoy the same effects.


Stand in the list of flea remedies, basil can’t be ignored. It is firmly believed that basil is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agent. It helps any wound heal faster. Cut some basil leaves, grind them, and apply to the bites directly.

Coconut flour

Mash up the coconut, and grind the pieces fine. Drop some water and make the flour into the paste. Apply the paste to the bitten areas, and use a cloth to cover. Leave it to rest for at least 15 minutes. Repeat this 3 times a day, and you can see your swelling reduce.


Not many people know that oats are full of antioxidants, in which Avenanthramides have anti-itching effects. As a result, to deal with flea bites, you can give an oatmeal bath all over.


No matter what method you take, all your efforts can go up in smoke if you don’t take actions to prevent your lovely house. To shield your house, just start from treating fleas on your “furry friends”.

– Don’t let them play near the infested areas recently. In case, these attacked ones have not yet been clean, your pets are in danger.


– Don’t let your lawn lengthy and dirty. Keep it clear-cut and tidy as much as possible.


-Don’t mess your house with dirty clothes and damp basement. Fleas often prefer shady, humid zones; therefore, don’t let your inattention cause your discomfort.


– Do clean and vacuum your house regularly. Attach great importance to curtains, furniture, carpets, and so on. Moreover, wash your mattress at least once a week to stop fleas biting you.


– Do comb your pets frequently to check flea infestation. When you comb your pets, flea eggs like black dots will drop out. “The sooner, the better”, and don’t let the case out of your control.


– Do use herbal sprays to keep fleas stay away from your house. Many plants like peppermint and rosemary has an offensive smell to fleas; so why don’t you spend time on planting them around your beautiful garden? Surely, no flea is interested in entering your house.


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What do you think about these methods? They are so cost-effective and bring flying results. Give them a shot and you never regret.

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