Top 5 things to do in Nagpur, India

Nagpur, the city of best oranges in entire India is a beautiful place to plan your holiday at. This city in Maharashtra is also known as winter capital with the beautiful climate that covers the entire city during the winter season. When in Nagpur you will come across an ample number of temples, lakes, and green gardens that enhance the beauty of this city. From cultural attractions to historical sites and lip-smacking traditional Maharashtrian dishes, you will surely love a trip to this city.

Here are the top things you should definitely do when in Nagpur.

1-Splash some water at fun-filled water parks:

Summers in the city can be quite harsh with a lot of sweat. To help calm down in the intense heat of the day, a visit to famous water parks in Nagpur is a must. The best ones from an array of water parks in the city include names such as Fun N Food Water Park in Nagpur, Krazy Castle Aqua Park, Highland Park, Dwarka Water Park, etc. You get to have fun time in ample rides with each one of unique kind to give you an entirely new experience.

2-Affordable Shopping:

If you are looking for something affordable to buy when in the city, a visit to the local markets in Nagpur is a must. From the Sitabuldi Main Road to Sadar Bazar, you can find ample options with a wide range of products to invest in affordable shopping. The Sitabuldi  Main Road is compiled from a cluster of different shops selling everything from gadgets to clothes and footwears. Other famous names consist of Dharampeth Shopping Street, Mahal/Itwari, etc.

3-Invest in peaceful time at Adasa Ganpati Temple:

Maharashtra is known for its love for Lord Ganesha and a trip to Nagpur without visiting this beautiful temple is an incomplete trip. This temple houses the idol of Lord Ganesha which is about 12 feet in length with 7 feet width. It is among the 8 Ashta Vinayaks located in Vidarbha.

4-Beautiful skyline at Futala Lake:

Packed with the richness of nature, this beautiful lake in Nagpur is located on the outer periphery of the city. It goes by its popular name Telangkhedi Lake and is a popular spot for tourists as well as local residents to invest some quality time while admiring the beauty of nature. This massive lake is widespread covering an area of 60 acres. Apart from this, Nagpur has 10 other lakes that are great for recreational purpose.

5-Watch the wild at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

If you love to watch wild animals flourishing in nature, a visit to the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a must. This beautiful sanctuary houses above 166 birds as well as wild animals. It protects a lot of endangered species that includes names such as sloth bear, black panther, wild dogs, etc. You can watch the leopard and tigers at their full glory basking in the beauty of this nature based sanctuary.

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