Top 6 Hollywood Celebrities with Filipino Blood

The Philippines is known for its talented people, and some have made it a big hit in Hollywood. Pilipinos are known to be spectacular performers too, as evidenced a wide number concerts, cultural performances, plays, events, and movies staged every year. Fortunately, these talents have also been well-represented in Hollywood and beyond. The charm of Filipinos across the globe have undoubtedly made many audiences swoon, and below is a list of Hollywood celebrities whom some of you might be surprised.


#1 Hailee Steinfeld

The first time Hailee visited the country in 2016, she said she feels very much at home. That’s partly because Hailee has Filipino roots. The Pitch Perfect 2 star’s great-grandfather is a Boholano.


#2 Shay Mitchell

This brunette beauty is the woman behind the successful character of Emily Fields in the series Pretty Little Liars.

Shay’s mom is Kapampangan, while her dad is Irish/Scottish.

Also, Shay is Lea Salonga’s second cousin.


#3 Steven McQueen

This 28-year-old actor/model gained his popularity when he bagged the role of Jeremy Gilbert in popular series -The Vampire Diaries. This hottie is the grandson of actor Steve McQueen and actress Neile Adams, which a Filipina.

#4 Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is a world-class fashion designer and was born in the Philippines. Monique is the daughter of Michel J. Lhuillier, a French-born Filipino businessman and Amparito Llamas, a Filipina society figure and former model.


#5 Cassie

This Step Up 2: The Streets star was born to a Filipino father and Mexican/African/American/West Indian mother.

Cassie latest project is Honey 3: Dare to Dance, which was released direct to DVD and via Netflix last September 6, 2016.

#6 Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

Anna is best known for her stint in Disney shows Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2, and Hannah Montana. This  26-year-old actress was raised by her Filipino parents in California. She is the granddaughter of Philippine’s  Kundiman Queen, Sylvia de la Torre.

#7 Jasmine Villegas

Do you remember the girl in Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video?

She’s the same lady who sang the American national anthem during the Manny Pacquiao versus Ricky Hatton boxing fight in 2009. Apart from singing and dancing, Jasmine is also into modeling. She is of Filipino, German, and Irish.


#8 Bretman Rocks

Bretman Rock, a Ilocano-born male who’s been living in Hawaii since he was seven.  He is also a YouTube star with views averaging from 400,000 to over a million. Bretman is also known to make a string of Instagram videos as tutorials.

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