Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

Every country has some traditions of its own. Some are popular within the country and people. But some become universal traditions. People follow all those universal traditions. These traditions transcend over generation and time. Among the places you wish to know more, Brazil is one of the most famous which have universal traditions.

Here are 7 top most surprising universal Brazilian superstitions.

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Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

#1 Doors

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

Brazil is very famous for having a religious history. One of them is the door ritual. Every house has at least one door and many in common. But Brazilians are very strict about one superstition about doors. Once the guests enter the house with one door, the residents make sure they leave through the same door only. They have a strong belief that leaving the house through another door brings bad luck. So, it is not at all expected and accepted by Brazilians. But this tradition is something that mesmerizes people around the whole world.


#2 Sweeping Feet

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

The other tradition of Brazil that will surprise you is sweeping feet. We always walk around here and there. Every country loves to keep its streets and houses clean. So, brooms and sweepers are two crucial things for every place. While in Brazil, if someone sweeps your feet, they believe it is bad. Getting one’s feet swept by broom brings bad luck according to the Brazilian tradition. They also believe that this will affect one on his/her marriage as well. If anyone knows that you have sweeping feet, none is going to marry you.


#3 Eat green M&M’s for good luck

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

This Brazilian superstition is one of the most bizarre ones. Mars invented this superstition and has been in Brazil since 1941. The colorful candies have strong relations to this strange tradition. Rumors explain that Brazilians believe, green color brings good luck. Some again say that the orange M&M candy is lucky. But tastes say that green ones are more aphrodisiac. It can be another ‘reasonable’ meaning of this but Brazilians will never consider. If you have someone aware of this tradition, send birthday flowers along with a packet of green M&M candies.


#4 Unwanted Guests

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

This is one of the most common happenings throughout the whole world. Sometimes, having an uninformed guest is amazing and a happy feeling. But sometimes it turns out to be less happy. Brazil has such a tradition of unwanted guests. Suppose you have a guest in your house that has come for short time. Then it is okay. But if they overstay their welcome, this tradition is applicable. If you are to keep brooms behind your doors, your sudden guests will leave your house as soon as possible. Though this has no logic, still it is one of the most famous superstitions of Brazil.


#5 Butterflies

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. The blending of different colors of this insect mesmerizes every single person. But, Brazilians believe that a white butterfly is luckier than the colorful beauties. The superstition explains that one who sees the white butterfly as the first of the year is lucky. The belief says it brings good luck and achievement to the person for the whole year.

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#6 Elephant Ornament

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

The belief of keeping metal ornaments in home is a common tradition around the whole world. ‘Laughing Buddha’ is a famous ornament keeping tradition in China. Likewise, Brazil has a close tradition too. Keeping an elephant ornament with its trunk up in the air brings economic prosperity. Such financial luck is something that everyone needs. So, in case you are down on the budget, don’t forget to follow this Brazilian tradition.


#7 Handbags

Top 7 Brazilian Superstitions that Will Surprise You!

This Brazilian tradition about handbags is the most popular one. It says that if you leave your handbag on the floor, you are surely going to have a financial loss. So, almost every Brazilian keeps their bags either on their lap or on the table but never on the floor.

The above traditions are surprising for us being logical people. But not all them are meaningless. If you feel inspired, you can start following them as well. You never know, they might click for you too!!!

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